Peeve Purge

December 31, 2010

My comment about negative posts and rants has really stuck with me. So I thought, in honor of the impending shiny new year, why not publicly purge my peeves? (That sounds like something that should be done in private, doesn’t it?) So here it goes in no particular order:

  • When people speak over me when I’m speaking (especially when they have just asked for an answer or my opinion)
  • People who bathe in fragrance knowing they will be in close quarters – such as seated close together at a hockey game. No, no matter HOW expensive the “fragrance” it does NOT mean a) it smells good nor b) it will cover up your funk
  • People who have that gnarly B.O. that we call funk – YUCK
  • Bad breath and mouth breathers – especially in confined places. If you drink a lot of coffee or have a cold, chew gum or keep your mouth shut when you’re in close proximity to others.
  • Drivers that jump in front of you to slam on the brakes – especially when there’s no one behind you
  • What my friend refers to as “smacking” when eating – you know, the people who swish liquid like mouthwash and chew with their mouths open
  • When people let doors slam shut on you when it’s obvious you have your hands full
  • Drivers that don’t let pedestrians have their (rightful) right of way in the pouring rain
  • Pedestrians that cross against the signal in front of cars
  • People in the locker room at the gym that run around with nothing (and I mean literally NOTHING) on – and then feel it necessary to inspect their toes – without taking a seat. GAH I do not need to see your business!
  • Know it-all’s – particularly when they know NOTHING about the topic
  • Intolerance. Granted, I don’t agree with many things people do, but I don’t shove my beliefs and opinions down their throats. (Remember, you’re reading this of your own free will – I’m not forcing you! LOL)
  • Taggers. Especially when it’s on private property. The homeowner is fined if THEY don’t take care of cleaning it up, yet the cities let it stay for weeks, if not months.
  • Political ad campaigns.
  • Drug advertisements. If the drug companies weren’t allowed to advertise (think of the restrictions on tobacco & alcohol) and they took even a small portion of that budget and put it towards research for things like cancer and Alzheimer’s, just think what kind of progress could be made.
  • Socks that end up around your toes in boots.
  • Boots that don’t stay up.
  • People that fart in public. Is it really necessary to inflict that kind of nasal pain on unsuspecting passers-by?
  • Dog owners that do not clean up their dog’s shit on my lawn.
  • Adult acne. Isn’t it enough we had to deal with that shit as awkward teenagers?
  • Store workers that ignore you. I was shopping for roller blades today (more on this later) and in two different stores, I was completely ignored! Just because I’m an over-weight chick doesn’t mean I can’t learn to Rollerblade. And when I do finally get some help, don’t “ma’am” me.

By all means, this list is not conclusive.

What are your peeves?


And… I’m back!

June 10, 2010

Well, I was never really gone.

I’ve been here all along and have been motivated with a few projects away from the computer. In a way I feel like I’ve neglected writing, but on the other hand, I feel like it’s all been so… BORING.

So here’s the scoop! After cleaning the linen closet, I realized I could move the stash of PartyLite decorations (mostly holiday stuff) from the nice guest room to that closet. And in doing this, I realized the closet rod is giving out. It seems that when I rearranged the closets, I upset that delicate balance. So I had to take EVERYTHING off the rod before it completely gave out. Been there, done that – not fun. Wall repair makes hubby swear. Simple fix = one well place screw. Back to the closet with all you heavy jackets! (Will weed through them at a later date.)

In moving all the PartyLite stuff (I was a consultant for a few years) I found things that I forgot I had. None of which I couldn’t live without. Hello EBAY! So far, I’ve sold a dozen things and have only had to stalk one person. Actually, still stalking them. If you’re reading this, I’m holding your Fairy hostage till you pay me, sucker! I listed over 25 things, so to sell 12 is good, but not great. And – it’s MESSY! I completely destroyed the nice guest room! (I could have it presentable in about 30 minutes though, so it’s not TOO bad.)

Oh, and we finally (after owning this joint 11 years) ordered sliding closet doors for the two bedrooms. We found them quickly for the office, so those have been nice for some time.

In the middle of this madness, the garbage disposal shit the bed. It was spewing ick all over the underside of my sink!! So, hubby decides he’s gonna tackle this one himself. Cool! Off to the store to buy a new disposal ($100). Hey look – it’s a shiny new faucet! You know, ours has been stuck on spray for about 5 years. Time to handle that too ($100). I won’t get into the yawn-inducing details, but let’s just say that the faucet was really difficult to install. Compounded by the fact the cold water valve had an opening that was too big for the hose. Had to replace that too. Plumbing sucks, y’all. Woo hoo – a day and a half later, we’ve got it all fixed. Or so we think.

Tuesday, I started up the dishwasher as usual and left the room. Came back a bit later & wondered why the rug in front of the sink was all wet??? UGH! Turns out there was some plug that had to be punched in order for the dishwasher to drain properly. This is what happens when you only read part of the directions, folks. So, empty out under the sink AGAIN, wipe it down AGAIN, and wait for hubby to get home. He gets home and right away we have to go vote. Then we’re met by a contractor bidding a job to paint the exterior of the house (more on this in another post). I finally remember and thankfully, it was an easy fix. Didn’t even have to take the disposal out!

Also over the weekend, hubby installed a new doorbell (sounds kind of like the chimes they play when our hockey team goes on a power play – I LOVE IT!!) and he also replaced the button and switchplate at the front door. It looks SO nice! Let’s see – what else? I think that’s it for home improvement. Well, except I got motivated to paint the doors & trim inside the house (again, after 11 years). I’m really not very good at it. But, it’s still better than how it was to start with. So far I have one door done.

Oh, I’ve also decided to start a crazy diet. LOL It’s actually not THAT crazy, and not really a diet. Basically, I’m working to figure out if I have any food sensitivities. I know I’m not allergic, but apparently food affects all sorts of things such as skin issues, headaches, allergies, lethargy, etc. I eat way too much CRAP and I know it’s bad. This give me a reason to “Break Free” (name of the program) for 28 days. I guess we cut out a bunch of stuff for a while and then add the items back in individually (like gluten, dairy, soy, etc.). This starts on Monday, so I have between now and then to get my shopping done. Hubby’s not convinced he can live without cheese. He said he would do it only when with me – but he’s not getting the point of cutting the stuff out altogether. Oh well – we’ll see how it goes, and I’ll keep you posted!

(My biggest fear is living without my coffeemate and splenda!!!)

Warning: Rant Alert

May 17, 2010

Thanks, for the image...


 Things I probably will never understand:    

Low rise athletic shorts: Really? I spend half my energy keeping my drawers up! The last thing anyone at the gym, grocery store, hardware store, nail salon (yes, I wear shorts everywhere) needs to see is my bum. It’s even whiter than my blindingly un-tanned legs (plus, it’s darned big)!    

Telemarketers, asking for money, that are rude. Okay, here’s the deal: I have something you want. Or at least you THINK I have something you want. Don’t you think it would be wise to at least be nice, and make an attempt to pronounce my name properly? And if you can’t properly say my name, ask or don’t try to use it. It’s a lot less offensive than bumbling it up and acting as if someone has that name in real life.    

Bad Drivers. This is a whole category, so here’s just a couple:    

  • People who enter the freeway at 35 mph. Clearly, the driving test was not available in their native language: MORON. Same goes for those that insist on sidegating you. Also those lovelies that hang out in the fast lane at 55 when the speed limit is at least 10 mph faster. And don’t get me started on the electric car owners that drive solo in the carpool lane (legally), barely faster than the regular lanes. I swear they think they are incognito cops, saving the rest of the world from the woes of going the speed limit (or a touch above). Step on the gas or get out of my way people! Didn’t anyone ever tell you the carpool lane should be treated as an Autobahn?
  • The neighbor that parks in “your” spot on the street. Yep, every day for 10 years and they still haven’t figured it out? Oh, and listen: hear that? It’s the car alarm for the car she’s had forever. Goes off all the time. And no – it’s an early 90’s mini-van, so no one is attempting to steal it. In fact, I think she might be grateful if someone stole it! (No one even locks our cars in this neighborhood, anyway.)

My husband claiming he doesn’t know where the dishes go. Seriously? Pal, you’ve lived here as long as me. You found them to cook/eat. Tell the truth – you just didn’t WANT to unload the dishwasher & load your dirty dishes from when I was gone. The up side? It looks as if he ate fairly well while I was gone. Hmm… Guess that’s not really an upside where the dishes and me are concerned.    

Recorded political messages. Unless you’re someone uber-famous, I don’t want your recording bugging me. If you’re a celebrity, it’s kind of fun for me to say “Dustin Hoffman called my house last night”. (He didn’t really. The last one I remember was Arnie when he wanted to be Governator.) The novelty wears off quickly though.    

TV ads for politicians. I think if those were banned, we might end up with decent people running things. Voters would be forced to read about what each candidate stands for. Either that or vote based on name or what kind of pattern you can make with hanging chads. Either way, I think we’d be better off.    

from Microsoft Clip Art


 Adults’ obsessions with tween/teen things. Examples include Twilight (ghost/vampire stories in general), Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, et al. I’m not really judging, but I just don’t get it. Actually, what I don’t get is the need to attempt to convince non-kool-aid-drinking friends into loving it all. You people are worse (in that regard) than the door to door religion recruiters! So if you’re my friend – shut it! I don’t force my opinions on you (verbally anyway).   

  The letter carrier who doesn’t take outgoing mail from the mailbox. Yes, you can see it. Unless it’s every other Monday, chances are really good that it’s your fault it’s there – BECAUSE IT WAS MISDELIVERED! The rest of the time – it’s simple. I am sending someone something. Isn’t it your job to take it to the post office? How about you get off your cell phone and pay attention? That’s what the rest  most of  the world does when they work.   

What’s up with products that include contradictory instructions? I not so recently bought a down comforter. It was relatively cheap inexpensive. The outer packaging said it could be machine washed/dried (ultra-handwash of course). The tag on the comforter says no. The whole reason I bought it was because I was supposed to be able to wash it. Well, that and to keep warm. So I’ve washed it. A few times (so there!). And it lived. Sure it probably leaked some feathers, but we’re in SoCal. We didn’t need ’em.    

(Guess what – I’ve ripped the tags off my mattress too! Shhh—- don’t tell!)  

Who me? Holy cow.

May 14, 2010

Wow! I'm blushing.


After a mere three months of writing  dabbling with this blog, I have been bestowed an award! Yep – ‘lil ole me. (I can’t believe it either!) 

Thank you Izziedarling from The Whatever Factor! (Hear the trumpets and applause in the background?) 

The rules of the award are to share seven fun facts about you, and select 15 fellow bloggers to receive the award. I hope I do these answers justice! 

Here goes: 

  1. I was born blond and blue eyed. I didn’t know that until last weekend. I wore blue contacts in school and it made my eyes emerald. Obviously fake, but dumb high school boys didn’t know that.
  2. I was a Mariner. (Most people know Sea Scouts. Mariners are the girl version.) Some brave soul took 10 teenage girls under their wing and trained us how to run a boat. We “sailed” (wasn’t a sailboat) from the SF Bay, under the Golden Gate, through Susuin Bay and up to Sacramento on a 15 foot boat. (I never once got sick – oh the joys of being a teenager.) Now I throw up from motion sickness. Rough plane rides, being on a boat – even a cruise ship, riding passenger in a car on a semi-winding road, and anything that goes in circles gets me. So – You! – don’t make me dizzy!
  3. My grandfather has stuff in the Smithsonian. When I took my first trip without family in 6th grade to Washington DC, we stopped to look at his stuff. Somehow, I doubt I will ever get anything in the Smithsonian. Oh well.
  4. I have been to no less than 10 Bluegrass Festivals. I hated every single one of them, except on Sunday morning when they would sing gospel. At that point, I had no religious influence. I just thought it all sounded pretty. I blame these festivals for my present-day hatred of steel guitar, but love of country music. Go figure.
  5. My best friend in high school and I took her dad’s yellow Pantera out one day while we cut school. We got caught with it in the driveway. She was on the hood and another friend was backing it in. We got away with it because she said we chickened out at the end of the driveway. Her dad was a Juvenile Hall officer. Little did he know – we were pretty much hellions, but nothing that bad ever happened.
  6. I would never survive off the land in Hawaii, or any place tropical. I hate pineapple, fresh mango, coconut, poi, kiwi, and just about any other tropical or non-mainstream fruit you can think of. Yes, I know poi is not a fruit. It’s still gnarly.
  7. I have snuck into the drive-in’s in the trunk of a 67 Cadillac. My boyfriend jumped the fence, and my best friend was in the trunk with me. That left her boyfriend to drive in. He looked kinda creepy, so I’m sure that’s why he didn’t get questioned. Those were the days!
  8. And in case #3 doesn’t count since it’s really not about me, I’ll do one more. We used to pile as many people into the Caddy as we could and go driving. One night, I ended up laying across the laps of our friends in the back seat, with the one closest to the rear passenger door screaming (through San Francisco) “A nickel for your pickle!” You didn’t have to be in SF in the 60’s to have some strange fun!

Now, to pass the torch. Please forgive me if you’ve already received this! In the random order that is my life: 

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Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Spiders – Oh My!

May 13, 2010

While I’ve completely abandoned my “Beat The Clutter” effort (at least temporarily), I am still working on being a bit more eco-friendly and simplifying things in my life. While visiting home, I remembered the wonderful lemon cucumbers I used to eat straight from the garden. I missed out on all the tomatoes because as a kid I hated them. I didn’t like squash or zucchini either, but was forced to eat it. 

I mentioned that I missed the lemon cucumbers to my mom, and that I couldn’t find them here. No seeds, starters –  even at the farmers market. So we stopped at a local nursery and picked up four babies (for $8). Assuming I don’t kill them, and our resident squirrels and crows don’t discover them, it will be a worthwhile investment. 

Since our yard is in a disastrous mess that requires the rental of a brush mower, I read up on container gardening. Turns out you can grow just about anything in a container! 

Off I went to Home Depot to gather up a container, trellis and a couple of tomato plants. While I was there I decided to grab some flat leaf parsley, basil, and mint. Not sure exactly what I will use the mint for. 

I found some tomato trellis/gate thingies that I had bought a few years back. At that point, I never even bought the tomato plants! Oops. So really, this will be my first effort in growing anything edible. I have come to the conclusion that I got bored of the flowers when they weren’t blooming, so as long as I have that bad habit, I’ll never excel there. But maybe, just maybe, growing stuff to eat will keep my interest. I’m guessing this based on two things: 1- I love to eat and 2- maybe watching stuff grow and the process of producing something will keep me coming back to it. 

Black Widow as found on Wikipedia


The only thing about gardening I really hate is…. SPIDERS. Ugh. I really, really don’t like them. Mostly because the majority of spiders in our yard are black widows. About a month ago, I decided I would clean up the back patio. (Note to self: next patio set will not have crevices that attract black widow nests.) I found the biggest freaking black widow I have ever seen. The “butt” was at LEAST the size of a nickel, if not a quarter. Of course I was home alone, so I have no actual witness. For a brief moment, I contemplated running for my camera, but I was too scared to take my eyes of the evil one. The crunch under my shoe was audible. Sorry momma, but anything that’s poisonous has GOT TO GO!  (In case you have been under a rock all your life, these buggers are highly venemous. Though in finding this photo, I learned that no one has died from a bite in over 10 years.) 

I guess I found a male today, as it was brown with red markings on the belly. EWWW! He’s no longer with us. I wish there were more natural predators for these guys. I guess some weird sort of wasp is the only one. We don’t have any wasps to speak of around here, so I guess it’s time for prevention. I managed to destroy several egg sacs – YAY! And after that, I promptly jumped in the shower. I knew none of them made their way on to me, but I still felt creepy crawly. In fact, even hours later, and after a good shower & hair washing, I STILL feel icky!!!


May 12, 2010

Acne is a pain. Figuratively and literally. Especially when you’ve grown up with it. It’s even more annoying as an adult. Combine that with my unruly hair and no waist – I feel like a sloppy mess! So, after seeing the commercials for Proactiv for many years, I figure I may as well give it a try. After all, I thought Bare Minerals was a con too. (It’s not! I love that stuff!)

I bit the bullet and decided to order (5/3/10). We’ll see how long it takes to arrive (I’m sooo impatient) and how long it takes to make any improvements.

5/6: They still haven’t even activated my online account. I thought I’d go in and see if there was any progress information on my order, but I can’t even log in yet. While they did send an email immediately after my order (confirmation) I have yet to receive anything else. So far, I’m not very impressed. I guess it will be worth it if the product actually works well.

5/11: The box came while I was out-of-town (of course). I’ve decided to begin the regimen tomorrow. Trying to figure out somewhat complex instructions after driving 9 hours (4 of which were 20 mph winding roads on the edge of a cliff with the ocean as a landing spot) is just not smart.

5/12: “Before” photos taken.  Turns out the directions aren’t that complex – there’s just some choices when you include the “free” gifts. I’m a sucker for free gifts. (Precisely why I’m taking the “before” photos. They give you a travel pack for doing it.) So step one is a scrubby type cleanser. It has a slight fragrance, but it’s not offensive. Step two is a toner. This is unlike any toner I’ve used. Prior products have always felt very drying (alcohol perhaps?) and left my skin feeling tight. Not the case here. It didn’t really feel like anything. Step three is a repairing potion. I suspect it’s got some moisture in it as it’s a thicker consistency. Of the few “freebies” included in my package, I chose the oil control moisture. Seems to be a lightweight moisturizer, but it claims to control oil and shine. I don’t tend to have a problem with that, but I figured if this stuff dries out my skin at all, then it would try to produce oil to replace it.  My skin feels a little tight, but more clean than anything. There’s a very, very slight burning sensation around the corners of my nose. I guess that means I just need to go easier there!

I’m not expecting an overnight difference. And I am expecting it to take me a bit to get into the habit and work out which items are best for me. What I didn’t realize is the ongoing monthly cost. If I were to continue with everything they sent me, my costs would be in excess of $120 each month. Yikes. I don’t need (nor want) all the items on an ongoing basis, so that’s a really good thing.

To be continued….

Watching Weight

April 29, 2010

Ugh. Diets. Errr… “Lifestyle Changes”.

Image: The Cleaner

I’ve done Jenny Craig, Atkins, and Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig didn’t work for me because I didn’t like having to buy all that packaged food. It got expensive and I’m kinda picky so I ended up with the same few things over & over. Though I will credit that system with my discovery and resulting love for Orzo pasta. [Note: had to laugh – spell check wanted to change Orzo to “oreo”. Even technology is out to get me!]  Mmmm. That was about ten years ago and I still remember how good it was – it had a few black beans mixed in with some cheese! And the chocolate cakes. The way they were then reminds me a bit of the ones from Jack In The Box. (Yep, I know all the fast food goodies. I think my fave is the Oreo Pie from Burger King – TO DIE FOR!)  [Do you see why I’m in the mess I’m in?? Do ya?]  Anyway, so I’m not down with buying prepackaged food so NutriSystem and other similar deals are out.

Atkins – that worked out pretty well for me for a while. I dropped a ton of weight. Too bad I don’t like greasy stuff more. I have such a sweet tooth. And a carb tooth if there is such a thing. Boy did I pay if I cheated. But really, in the long run, how good for you can all that fat be? I was trying to LOSE the fat. Not ingest more of it. Besides, when someone says I can’t do or have something – I’m like so many others and immediately look for the forbidden “fruit” so to speak.

Weight Watchers. Also a bit pricey – especially when you factor in the cost of the extra “must haves” like the food scale, points calculators, food books, and so on. Thanks to the internet, and smart phones, I suppose it may be a bit easier now. I like the idea that you can have whatever food you want, and you can gain extra food points for excercise. I become RAVENOUS after workouts though. I can do a workout that will gain me 2 Activity Points, but need more than 2 points worth of food. Try 6-9. I wonder if that wears off after a while? Maybe my body is just freaking out because intense workouts are so foreign?

So what prompted all this? The other morning, hubby told me he wants to make changes in our eating habits. And it’s just that – habits. We have a habit of being lazy and eating out. Or I cook a healthy meal and either a) we eat double portions because it’s so good, b) we ruin it with dessert (Hi, Coldstone), or c) BOTH! He asked about the iPhone app for Weight Watchers. Yeah, I hear they have one, but we have Droids! I scoured around and found a couple apps for the Droid. One calculates points values for you, and the other is a list of food you scroll through. There’s no official Droid app yet.

So, our choices are to go to meetings, do it online, or both. Not sure what the meetings cost. The ability to do both is $10 more per month per person ($80 monthly investment for both of us). What I’m thinking is that maybe we sign up for a couple months (I lean toward online, but that’s just me) and see if we can lose some pounds. I have about 40 pounds to lose and so does he. I know there’s so many other people out there that have so much more to lose. We are quickly becoming those people. A couple years ago it was 20 pounds we wanted to lose. Then it became 25, 30, 35…. Give it more time and we’ll be on the Biggest Loser. Or in line for stomach surgery.

So, if that’s the plan, then I better start going through the cabinets. Good bye hot cocoa & marshmallows. Good bye cake mix & frosting. Good bye boxed mac & cheese. I had also better dig out the measuring cups, spoons and food scale. And I should find my inner zen because putting up with the over exuberant “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” mantra for a maniacal meeting leader will really push my crazy button.