Intveld Overload?

June 22, 2010

with James Intveld, Pine St., Long Beach



In 2008, hubby & I went to see Mike Ness (Social Distortion) play at a local club. He was great. Really, really great. But I kind of expected that. I’d seen him do a song with the Stray Cats earlier in the year and really liked his stage presence (plus I like his music). But what blew me away was the opener. Some guy named James Intveld.  

I looked him up online before we went and he was a mix of old-school rockabilly, blues, country, and a bit of gospel.  He’s been around, but I’d never heard of him. He was AMAZING. I was sucked right in. He was a top-notch performer and sounded amazing. I’m not sure I took my eyes off him the entire time! Luckily, hubby liked him too. (I kinda doubt he thought he was as sexy as I did though!) We waited after the show and bought his latest CD, Have Faith, and had him sign it. (He was one of the nicest musicians I’ve met, and I’ve met a few pros.)  And vowed that we’d do what it took to see him any time he was around. We also went in search of his other music as money permitted.  

The most adorable dancing couple ever.


As expected, he did not disappoint! Long Beach was a lot of fun. We were able to get close to the stage, though the dancers took over right in front. All ages came to watch, from toddlers to seniors. And…. drumroll…. we waited after the show and I got my picture with him! He’s so warm – you can tell by the way he leans in for photos. Plus, I picked up a logo sweatshirt for only $5! It was the very last one they had. One of the best $7 investments I’ve ever made ($5 sweatshirt & $2 parking).  

Sunday was Father’s Day and we learned JI brought his dad to the show. He told us his “pops” was his inspiration for getting into music! Dad got up and sang a song, and gave two encores! It was the sweetest thing! His mom was there too, and his parents hit the dance floor. It was so cool to see him so proud to play for his parents. The weather hit somewhere in the 80’s with a nice breeze, but since we were in mid-day sun, hubby & I both got burnt. I’m still feeling the pain! (next up, peeling – yuck!) It was worth it though – the sets were even different which was awesome.

I really love his music, and am amazed by how talented he is. Not only does he have a great voice, but it seems as if he can play any instrument known to man. Just read the liner notes in his cd’s – you’ll see. If you like music, sample his here.  

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April 3, 2010

With time on my hands during this period of unemployment, you would think I have been able to completely simplify my life. Not so. In truth, I am envious of those living simply. I figure if I put all this down in black & white, I will become much more accountable.

Celebrating successes in simplification include:

  1. Learning to use my sewing machine. I have hand-made three things so far, and have plans for many other projects. I have also mended a pair of pants and my favorite reusable cloth bag.
  2. Improving in the kitchen. I am learning to COOK. Not just follow a recipe, but actually cook. Not saying I’m that good, but I am considerably less afraid. I have also dramatically increased our veggie intake.
  3. Less TV during the day, and more movement. This includes the mundane (vaccuuming) and fun (walking borrowed dogs, gym)

Immediate goals for additional simplification include:

  1. Cooking more meals from scratch. This includes having a plan for meals. (Yikes – thinking ahead!!)
  2. Staying on top of little chores, on a regular basis.
  3. Even less TV during the day.
  4. Remembering my cool Envirosax (thanks Mary Beth!) or other reusable bags when going out.

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