Moxie Star

July 15, 2010

You know, like movie star?

This crazy cat was an ANGEL for the camera! All they were doing was giving tips (brushing teeth, bathing, etc.) and petting her while they spoke. She was essentially a living prop. She was kinda sketched out at first because the guy behind the camera was tall, broad and had a deep voice, plus, the room had a tile floor (like the vet). Once I got her out of her carrier and brushed her for a minute, she was ready to roll! I think she really liked the intense heat from the set lights. The hardest part of the ordeal was re-assembling her carrier. (Told you she was sketched! She wouldn’t come out!)

Her clips should be available to view in about two weeks. Oh, and she was so good they have requested her back!! I better be careful or she’ll start the crazy demands. I’ll post links once they are up.


Diva Moxie

July 8, 2010

Well, I guess I’m a “stage mom” now!

This picture garnered my sweet little Moxie cat the opportunity to be in a video for a national publication!  So guess what that means? BATH TIME FOR KITTY THIS WEEKEND! She doesn’t really like baths, but she allows me to bathe her. So I’ll fluff her all up, make her smell nice, and hopefully that will translate into a nice, polite kitty. Our call time is Monday at 10. Right in the middle of her morning snooze fest. Assuming this goes well, hopefully she’ll come out of there with the same size ego she already has. Lord knows she doesn’t need to think she’s any cuter than what she already thinks! And God help me if there are demands for homemade cat food, freshly grown catnip or a silver food dish. Let’s keep it in check kitten!

I’m sure by this time on Monday, I’ll have more to tell you about what this is. All I know is that it’s a segment on tips for cat owners. Stay tuned!!

The Klutz and her Cat

May 21, 2010

Do you ever have those days where you’re just in a crummy mood? Stems from that sense of foreboding? What awful shoe is going to drop from the sky today?Today is that day for me.

My cat woke me up well before 6am. She was hungry. Dammit, she needs to grow thumbs so she can open the damn can herself.

Then, at 7, hubby YELLS at me: “DIDYOUFEEDYOURCAT???” I yell back “YESIDID” and try to go back to sleep. But between being annoyed about him yelling to wake me up and ask me a question (WTF?), and the ruckus the cat was causing, I couldn’t sleep. (Meanwhile, said cat has been quite needy today.)

I go on about my day. Drive to the coastal town where my in-laws have a house, just to clear the mailbox of junk mail. On the way, I’m delayed by 87 blue-haired looky-lou tourists. For the love of GOD – pull over if you’re gonna stare at the ocean. Haven’t you heard of target fixation? Encounter more lame drivers on the way back.

But the topper was when I attempted to get into my car to leave my house for the beach. Now, I have an SUV. It’s not very high off the ground, nor is it difficult to get into. However, in my extreme grace, I managed to:

  • turn both ankles
  • twist my (bad) knee
  • tweak my (bad) back
  • hyper-extend my wrist
  • leave a key imprint in my right ring finger

Seriously. All this – just getting in the car. What happened, you ask? My shoe caught the edge between the lawn and the concrete driveway, thus turning my left ankle. The rest was fallout from the ensuing crash. WHO crashes getting INTO their vehicle?

I need a nap. (Wait, is that wise? I could have hit my head and lost consciousness.)

Vet Visit

April 8, 2010

Our Little Princess


Also falling into the “my favorite things” category is my precious kitty, Moxie.  

She was found in the bushes, outside of the warehouse at the company I worked at several years ago. My husband was at Sturgis for the annual motorcycle rally, so I was home alone. All the other kitty lovers in the building couldn’t bring her home because they were “maxed out” on cats. So I offered to babysit her until we could find her a good home. After all, my hubby is allergic.  

So I brought this flea-bitten, mangy-eared baby home. I had to tell hubby that I was babysitting. He was NOT pleased. She slept on the pillow, next to my head all night. She purred so loudly that it kept me awake (and I am basically a professional sleeper). Off to work the next day, but thankfully, I was only a few miles away so I could come visit at lunch. By the time my hubby called to check in the second night, his first words were “What did you name your cat?” Awww…. he knows me.  

So we decided we would keep her on a trial, and if he couldn’t breathe, we’d find her a new home. Thankfully, he’s been fine. She has brought us a lot of joy and laughter! Seven years later, she is still fat & happy along with us.  

The Princess - post bath


 So today marks a visit to the vet. She is fearful of strangers, and has a terrible time with vets. She has been tagged as an aggressive girl, so the first thing they want to do is knock her out. Since I’m not working, I decide to tell them that I will stay with her, rather than drop her off and leave her. Before, we sometimes had no choice, and it broke my heart to dump her off for a day in a cold, sterile vet’s office. In honor of the visit, as well as the super-hot weather we’ve been having, she got a bath yesterday. (She really does well. She just hates getting into the tub.)  

My “ace in the hole” is a kitty straight jacket my mom got me/Moxie. It’s basically a nylon bag with a bunch of zippers to access limbs. Good thing Mox likes bags!

As it turns out, either my psycho kitty has mellowed or this vet has the magic touch. Poor baby had her temp taken and I thought she was going to freak. After that, it was smooth sailing. Honestly, I think the difference was that I was there with her so she didn’t feel abandoned. And great news – even though she’s still a bit on the plump side, she lost a pound and moved into the “average weight” category. The vet would like to see her lose just a bit more, but her health’s not in any danger.  

Even though she cried the whole way there, she was quiet on the way home. Probably still traumatized by the temp reading. In the end it’s worth it for the peace of mind, knowing she’s healthy & vaccinated.