Probable Cause of my Demise

January 2, 2011

The boot looks pretty like my hockey skates. My actual roller blades are used. And ugly

New year’s eve, hubby & I decided that rollerblading would be a fantabulous idea to get me more comfortable on my hockey skates. (Yeah, I have hockey skates, but can’t skate.) So off we went in search of blades for me. I guess this was a popular gift item because no one had my size in stock. We ended up at “Play it Again Sports” (used sporting goods store) and what do you know? We found some Bauer’s (same brand as my hockey skates) in my size – for $22. What a deal!

Now, none of you actually KNOW me. But if you did, you would know that this is a bad idea. REALLY BAD. I can’t walk from my bedroom to the kitchen (maybe 40 feet) without hurting myself, banging into a wall or falling down. I’m convinced office furniture is out to get me. It just jumps into my path. Granted, most of the injuries are minor flesh wounds, but no fun none-the-less. However, I am completely able to ride both street and dirt bikes without much trouble. So maybe that “law” will apply here. (Although I can tell you it didn’t apply to my ice skating ability.)

So today, we’ll be off to some unsuspecting basketball court somewhere trying to off me. If I never return, now you know why.


Holiday Thoughts

December 27, 2010

This year, my husband and I decided (before my grandfather’s death) that we would not be travelling for the holidays. Every year, in the 13 years we have been together, we have driven all over to please relatives. Sometimes this meant traversing both California and Nevada. Battling holiday traffic and navigating winter weather (okay, I know our weather is nothing compared to other areas of the world) and putting up with family drama is just not the kind of “relaxation” I want to do during my limited time off.

So the foot was put down, and the families dealt with it. And we did everything (mostly nothing) we wanted. We spent time with neighbors and at hockey. (And of course each other.) Just the perfect time off! Because it was just us, the pressure to participate in excess was much lower. I think we’ve started a new tradition.

And for the new year: I’ve already begun to purge! I’ve pulled two trash bags of clothing from my closet to either garage sale or donate. We spent several hours going though paperwork and magazines and tossing away! It feels so good to dump all this stuff. I want to continue working on this at least one day each week. (Not the whole day, just a little bit at the minimum.)

Also for the new year, I want to be healthier. This includes eating at home more and exercising more. It also includes keeping the house tidier and cleaner. Not that we live in a hovel… but we definitely have room to improve. And this will keep us in a better place mentally, plus it will be nice to open our home to friends. I think the focus of simplification remains… We did well with not bringing more clutter into the home in the form of Christmas gifts, so I call that a win!

These Shoes Are Made for Walkin’

May 3, 2010

Saturday was a catch-up day. We took my original wedding ring set to the jeweler to have it sized (up). I just can’t seem to find finger slimming exercises. So after several years of mostly not wearing any rings, I finally decided it was time to give up the illusion of losing weight in my fingers. Besides, my family suffers from arthritis and I know my knuckles are doomed to swell. We also had hubby’s ring checked out. It seems that his problem is a detergent allergy. The backside of his ring is rough and has a ton of grooves where soap & gunk can collect. The jeweler cleaned and sanitized it, and gave him instructions on how to deal with the irritation. So far, so good.

Next stop: Road Runner Sports. Neither of us had ever been there, but since I was having such a tough time finding shoes that felt good, I figured a runner’s store would be the answer. It was bustling! The fit process at this store is unique. They have some cute mascot (Road Dog?) that will “retrieve” your shoe fit for you. First you meet with a fit specialist and discuss your desired excercise type, injuries and other specifics. Then, they set you up (barefoot) on this head/weight sensor pad. It measures your balance and where you place the most pressure on your feet. I leaned more to the left and back, with the most pressure on my left heel. It also determines your arch type. I’ve been told my whole life that I have flat feet. NOT SO! I have fairly normal arches – maybe a bit on the flat side.

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Watching Weight

April 29, 2010

Ugh. Diets. Errr… “Lifestyle Changes”.

Image: The Cleaner

I’ve done Jenny Craig, Atkins, and Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig didn’t work for me because I didn’t like having to buy all that packaged food. It got expensive and I’m kinda picky so I ended up with the same few things over & over. Though I will credit that system with my discovery and resulting love for Orzo pasta. [Note: had to laugh – spell check wanted to change Orzo to “oreo”. Even technology is out to get me!]  Mmmm. That was about ten years ago and I still remember how good it was – it had a few black beans mixed in with some cheese! And the chocolate cakes. The way they were then reminds me a bit of the ones from Jack In The Box. (Yep, I know all the fast food goodies. I think my fave is the Oreo Pie from Burger King – TO DIE FOR!)  [Do you see why I’m in the mess I’m in?? Do ya?]  Anyway, so I’m not down with buying prepackaged food so NutriSystem and other similar deals are out.

Atkins – that worked out pretty well for me for a while. I dropped a ton of weight. Too bad I don’t like greasy stuff more. I have such a sweet tooth. And a carb tooth if there is such a thing. Boy did I pay if I cheated. But really, in the long run, how good for you can all that fat be? I was trying to LOSE the fat. Not ingest more of it. Besides, when someone says I can’t do or have something – I’m like so many others and immediately look for the forbidden “fruit” so to speak.

Weight Watchers. Also a bit pricey – especially when you factor in the cost of the extra “must haves” like the food scale, points calculators, food books, and so on. Thanks to the internet, and smart phones, I suppose it may be a bit easier now. I like the idea that you can have whatever food you want, and you can gain extra food points for excercise. I become RAVENOUS after workouts though. I can do a workout that will gain me 2 Activity Points, but need more than 2 points worth of food. Try 6-9. I wonder if that wears off after a while? Maybe my body is just freaking out because intense workouts are so foreign?

So what prompted all this? The other morning, hubby told me he wants to make changes in our eating habits. And it’s just that – habits. We have a habit of being lazy and eating out. Or I cook a healthy meal and either a) we eat double portions because it’s so good, b) we ruin it with dessert (Hi, Coldstone), or c) BOTH! He asked about the iPhone app for Weight Watchers. Yeah, I hear they have one, but we have Droids! I scoured around and found a couple apps for the Droid. One calculates points values for you, and the other is a list of food you scroll through. There’s no official Droid app yet.

So, our choices are to go to meetings, do it online, or both. Not sure what the meetings cost. The ability to do both is $10 more per month per person ($80 monthly investment for both of us). What I’m thinking is that maybe we sign up for a couple months (I lean toward online, but that’s just me) and see if we can lose some pounds. I have about 40 pounds to lose and so does he. I know there’s so many other people out there that have so much more to lose. We are quickly becoming those people. A couple years ago it was 20 pounds we wanted to lose. Then it became 25, 30, 35…. Give it more time and we’ll be on the Biggest Loser. Or in line for stomach surgery.

So, if that’s the plan, then I better start going through the cabinets. Good bye hot cocoa & marshmallows. Good bye cake mix & frosting. Good bye boxed mac & cheese. I had also better dig out the measuring cups, spoons and food scale. And I should find my inner zen because putting up with the over exuberant “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” mantra for a maniacal meeting leader will really push my crazy button.

Team In Training – Decision

April 29, 2010

So, a friend & I went to the Team In Training/Leukemia & Lymphoma Society office last week to pick up some information. I wrote about my indecision then, and have since decided now is not the right time for me to participate.

While there’s no doubt that this is a very worthwhile cause, there’s also no doubt that it would likely be quite expensive for me as an individual. I understand the costs involved – both from an operational/logistical standpoint in addition to the funds they want to raise for research. I’m not arguing that at all.

You see, to do the local 5K, with no hotel stay, the minimum donation amount is $1,800. By July. That’s just about 2 1/2 months. When you commit to doing a race, you’re also committing to personally securing the donation amount. I feel like I could reasonably collect $500 in donations, Read the rest of this entry »

Sidetracked Friday: GOATS!

April 23, 2010

A friend called and invited me to breakfast. Of course I said yes, because that’s so much more fun than doing housework. I told her about wanting to go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) office to find out about Team In Training (TNT) and she wanted to join me.  Instead of obeying my all-knowing GPS on my phone, I decided I knew where I was going. Turns out (of course) that I didn’t. We ended up at Team Surgery something. CRAP. Back to the GPS and off we went. Turns out is right by the zoo. She had no idea we had a zoo! It’s a fun little zoo. So we went (after TNT of course). She LOOOOVES monkeys, so she was in heaven. I got the biggest kick out of the lemurs! I’ve seen them on Kirstie Alley’s show and they looked so cool. These were pretty awesome as well.

The goats were hysterical. The farm worker, Gaby, was really funny. She has worked with them and trained them to shake, hi-five, kiss and wave. Apparently, goats are like us – they love foot rubs! This is the “pretty but not smart” goat – I think his name was “Fridge.” Now, I was under the impression goats aren’t very smart (one next door growing up ate an inner tube and I think it may have done him in). But here’s evidence that they can learn to shake:

Out of all the goats, the littlest one had the biggest attitude. He kept head-butting his bigger yard-mates. Finally, momma goat (we’re guessing) had to come in and break it up. Don’t ask me who the lady is narrating this for us.

Ambition & Philanthropy

April 22, 2010

Recently, a friend of mine participated in the “Relay for Life.” I really wished I had been able to join her, however I had scheduling conflicts with the playoffs. A few years back, I did a few laps at a different RFL event, and have also walked in the Memory Walk. I have to wonder how much more awareness these walks actually generate? Also, I wonder if the money really gets where it should go.

Today I received a solicitation to join the Avon 2-Day Walk for breast cancer. I’ve thought about doing that before, but the walks themselves are far enough away and the dates aren’t usually workable. It got me thinking about Team In Training. While cancer in general pretty much touches everyone, blood cancers (especially those that affect kids) really get me. More so since my little cousin was diagnosed with it. We still don’t know for sure how he’ll do.  

So I understand Team In Training (TNT) actually trains you to walk/run/cycle/swim your event. There’s a half-marathon at Disneyland later this year. You can run or walk that. That sounds totally doable for me. The only thing is fundraising. I have no idea how much is required to participate. Also, I’m not sure I could do it. I know this shouldn’t stop me, but I can’t help but be fearful. (I’m really not a runner, though I would like to be.)

Do you have experience with TNT? Would you recommend them?

I’m thinking this might be a good way to get me more active while making strides for a good cause.