200 Million

April 29, 2010

What would you do with 200 MILLION dollars?

Our Friday Lotto is up over the $200 Million¬†mark. So of course we (and the rest of the state) went & bought some tickets. And promptly began dreaming…

First, you figure the government will take about half.

So that leaves 100 Million. Still not too shabby.

  1. 10% to the church (10 Million) = balance 90 Million
  2. New home (gated community Рgotta keep out the crazies) with furnishings, upgrades, etc.  5 Million = 85 Million
  3. Pay loans & health expense bills, etc. for immediate family (let’s go big and say 10 Million) = 75 Million
  4. Share the love with some favorite charities (3 Million) = 72 Million

Other fun things on the list:

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