Screw you, Superior Court

December 29, 2010

That’s right, I said what everyone’s thinking. Especially when you pull you mail in and discover a jury summons. For VALENTINE’S DAY. Excellent. I guess it could have been worse and landed on my birthday.

It was just about a year ago that I was summoned for service. I called in the night before and was told to report. Of course, I was unemployed so it wasn’t that big of a deal. But those were the days of attempting to please all the relatives by travelling to them at Christmas so I had plans! After being late (I got lost in the parking structure and couldn’t find the courthouse – only me!) I found myself parked for the day. Nearing the end of the day, I ended up in a courtroom with a bunch of other potentials… they selected the jury two people before I was going to be called.

Now, with my fancy schmancy new job, I actually get paid for jury duty, which pretty much seals my fate. It’s not that I mind doing my civic duty and all that, it’s just that so many cases should never get to this point in the first place. Plus, who is going to do my mountains of work while I’m being a juror? Sigh… SCREW YOU SUPERIOR COURT! (I know… that’s not helping my case, but somehow, I doubt any of the judges are reading…)


Hot Rods!

June 23, 2010

As promised (even if late), here’s my short & sweet photo slideshow of the annual Good Guys hot rod show held locally earlier this month. (Or, maybe it was May?)  There’s nothing particularly special about any of these shots. Some I was playing with angles or light, and others I just liked something – either the car, paint, interior, etc. The “Felix” tag on the plate and the “Potvin” sticker in the engine compartment gave me a giggle, since many years ago, the LA Kings had a goalie named Felix Potvin. I’ve always loved the sign for the Felix Chevrolet dealer in Downtown LA which is where one of these bad boys is from.

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Mr. Scuffle

May 17, 2010

Socks and sandals are one thing, but socks and flip-flops? You know, those of us born before 1980 called them Thongs for quite some time. That is, until some wise-ass (pun intended) decided that underwear should be worn in between your butt cheeks and deemed those “thongs.” But that’s a whole other post entirely. 

Imagine socks that are too big and really dirty. Now, squish them up in the toes more.


(Photo found on 

Where did I see this atrocity, you ask? In the middle of the county fairgrounds (that would be in supposedly civilized and classy Orange County) during a major car show this weekend. Hubby and I decided to go see what was there (little did we know!).  After all, I still have to decide on a favorite old truck so we can plan a new project. (As if we need another project. Shaaaaa!) 

Of course we can’t go anywhere without one of us knowing someone. While we were actively engaged in conversation, Mr. Scuffle appeared. I call him Mr. Scuffle because how else could you possibly walk with all that wadded up in between your toes? I gently nudged hubby so he’d see just how ridiculous this looks. He’s got a habit of trying to run around with socks and slippahs (like the Hawaiian kind). I am generally able to keep him from looking too much like a fool. At least in the shoe department. But I digress. Again. 

As one friend mentioned, perhaps his feet needed to be hidden? Great. Hide them. With SHOES! This vision very nearly gave me nightmares. So maybe he has to hide his feet and can’t wear shoes. Excellent. Wear sandals. Socks and sandals would be way less visually offensive. I can only imagine how annoying it would be to walk with him… scuffle… scuffle… scuffle. At a snail’s pace. Or worse yet – stuck behind him! 

Don’t ask me why this bugs me so much. Maybe it’s because as a child I was forced to wear knee socks with sandals and dresses? Not only was that a fashion no-no, it was a great way to show off my clumsiness by highlighting my scarred up knees. A neon yellow arrow would have been more subtle. And how come nothing ever matched? Maybe that’s why I’m a little crazy careful about colors now. 

The end result of our Saturday was an enjoyable time at the car show (photos forthcoming), capped off with a yummy Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Onions & Mushrooms please!

Warning: Rant Alert

May 17, 2010

Thanks, for the image...


 Things I probably will never understand:    

Low rise athletic shorts: Really? I spend half my energy keeping my drawers up! The last thing anyone at the gym, grocery store, hardware store, nail salon (yes, I wear shorts everywhere) needs to see is my bum. It’s even whiter than my blindingly un-tanned legs (plus, it’s darned big)!    

Telemarketers, asking for money, that are rude. Okay, here’s the deal: I have something you want. Or at least you THINK I have something you want. Don’t you think it would be wise to at least be nice, and make an attempt to pronounce my name properly? And if you can’t properly say my name, ask or don’t try to use it. It’s a lot less offensive than bumbling it up and acting as if someone has that name in real life.    

Bad Drivers. This is a whole category, so here’s just a couple:    

  • People who enter the freeway at 35 mph. Clearly, the driving test was not available in their native language: MORON. Same goes for those that insist on sidegating you. Also those lovelies that hang out in the fast lane at 55 when the speed limit is at least 10 mph faster. And don’t get me started on the electric car owners that drive solo in the carpool lane (legally), barely faster than the regular lanes. I swear they think they are incognito cops, saving the rest of the world from the woes of going the speed limit (or a touch above). Step on the gas or get out of my way people! Didn’t anyone ever tell you the carpool lane should be treated as an Autobahn?
  • The neighbor that parks in “your” spot on the street. Yep, every day for 10 years and they still haven’t figured it out? Oh, and listen: hear that? It’s the car alarm for the car she’s had forever. Goes off all the time. And no – it’s an early 90’s mini-van, so no one is attempting to steal it. In fact, I think she might be grateful if someone stole it! (No one even locks our cars in this neighborhood, anyway.)

My husband claiming he doesn’t know where the dishes go. Seriously? Pal, you’ve lived here as long as me. You found them to cook/eat. Tell the truth – you just didn’t WANT to unload the dishwasher & load your dirty dishes from when I was gone. The up side? It looks as if he ate fairly well while I was gone. Hmm… Guess that’s not really an upside where the dishes and me are concerned.    

Recorded political messages. Unless you’re someone uber-famous, I don’t want your recording bugging me. If you’re a celebrity, it’s kind of fun for me to say “Dustin Hoffman called my house last night”. (He didn’t really. The last one I remember was Arnie when he wanted to be Governator.) The novelty wears off quickly though.    

TV ads for politicians. I think if those were banned, we might end up with decent people running things. Voters would be forced to read about what each candidate stands for. Either that or vote based on name or what kind of pattern you can make with hanging chads. Either way, I think we’d be better off.    

from Microsoft Clip Art


 Adults’ obsessions with tween/teen things. Examples include Twilight (ghost/vampire stories in general), Harry Potter, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, et al. I’m not really judging, but I just don’t get it. Actually, what I don’t get is the need to attempt to convince non-kool-aid-drinking friends into loving it all. You people are worse (in that regard) than the door to door religion recruiters! So if you’re my friend – shut it! I don’t force my opinions on you (verbally anyway).   

  The letter carrier who doesn’t take outgoing mail from the mailbox. Yes, you can see it. Unless it’s every other Monday, chances are really good that it’s your fault it’s there – BECAUSE IT WAS MISDELIVERED! The rest of the time – it’s simple. I am sending someone something. Isn’t it your job to take it to the post office? How about you get off your cell phone and pay attention? That’s what the rest  most of  the world does when they work.   

What’s up with products that include contradictory instructions? I not so recently bought a down comforter. It was relatively cheap inexpensive. The outer packaging said it could be machine washed/dried (ultra-handwash of course). The tag on the comforter says no. The whole reason I bought it was because I was supposed to be able to wash it. Well, that and to keep warm. So I’ve washed it. A few times (so there!). And it lived. Sure it probably leaked some feathers, but we’re in SoCal. We didn’t need ’em.    

(Guess what – I’ve ripped the tags off my mattress too! Shhh—- don’t tell!)  

This ‘n’ that

May 5, 2010

In case you were wondering, no, I’m not off house hunting in gated communities, which means, no, we did not win the lottery. I’ve been as sidetracked as ever. I have several posts started, but I’m waiting on something for all of ’em.

Hubby’s truck had to go back to the mechanic… again. So that left him without a vehicle for lunch. I went to pick him up, and we decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at one of our favorite little Mexican places. Shrimp tacos…. yuuuuum! Not exactly light on the calories, but hey, it’s a celebration! On the way back I saw the cutest little family. Wonder if they escaped? (He works in an animal friendly environment.)

I’m also planning a trip to see my mom & grandmother for mother’s day. It’s about an 8 hour drive and since I’m still out of work, I thought it would be really nice for them. (Ok, and for me too.) My grandmother (92) is advancing in her struggles with Alzheimer’s, and my grandfather has issues of his own including paranoia and confusion. I think much of that is due to the high number of pain pills he has to take – nearly all of his joints are worn out. Since he’s in his 90’s, either living with severe pain, or living in the haze of pain pills are his only choices. I really enjoyed hanging out with my mom & step-dad at Christmas, so this will be fun, I’m sure. Plus maybe this time I can see a couple people I’ve been missing on my last trips.

Finally, I have volunteered to work the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. I’m so excited that we (Los Angeles) are hosting the draft! I’ve often thought about volunteering for various Kings events, but I haven’t wanted to miss the event. The NHL is looking for volunteers two days prior to the start of the draft, so why not? I’m sure there’s all kinds of things that have to happen, that just about anyone can help with. Any maybe, just maybe, they’ll need my help in an area of my expertise – how much fun would that be!!??!! So wish me luck in being accepted as a volunteer because I really want to do it!


March 18, 2010

Why a blog?

Sometimes Facebook and Twitter just don’t get it done. I feel like many of my followers and friends probably don’t want to see everything I want to talk about. I know some of my friends are totally over my hockey addiction. Plus, I want to expand on those thought. Also, I want to keep a journal of little life events.  I want a place where I can post my thoughts and opinions without apology. Too bad if you don’t agree! Life would be soooo boring if we were all the same. Additionally, I’ve enjoyed the communities within Facebook and Twitter, and have seen (from the outside) the community in the blogging world. I like people, so why not meet more to like?!

Why the name “Bitten By Reality”?

I have always loved the title of the movie “Reality Bites” – because oftentimes it does! I find humor in life’s annoyances. And if I can’t laugh, I figure it this will be a great place to rant. For example, today I realized someone stole our “no soliciting” sign from our front door. Who DOES that? Solicitors? It was pretty cool – it was more than just a “no soliciting” sign.  And there I go… off on a tangent. I know I have a tendency towards ADD. Let’s check it out & see where it takes us!

Why now?

What took me so long to jump on the blog-wagon, you mean? I have followed a few blogs for some time, but I wondered who would care about what I have to say? After much thought, it turns out I don’t care who cares. I was laid off in September ’09 and need to keep my writing skills sharp. (The experience from a marketing standpoint is also a huge bonus.) Plus, it’s a challenge. Now that I’m off work, I’m faced with few strong challenges. (What’s for dinner? How do I make my sewing machine function? Can I overcome my fear of spiders? Can I handle the traffic to Staples Center multiple times a week?) It is a way for me to embrace my IMperfect life!

So, that’s what this little corner of the web is all about. Hit me up – I would love to hear from anyone reading this!