Moxie Star

July 15, 2010

You know, like movie star?

This crazy cat was an ANGEL for the camera! All they were doing was giving tips (brushing teeth, bathing, etc.) and petting her while they spoke. She was essentially a living prop. She was kinda sketched out at first because the guy behind the camera was tall, broad and had a deep voice, plus, the room had a tile floor (like the vet). Once I got her out of her carrier and brushed her for a minute, she was ready to roll! I think she really liked the intense heat from the set lights. The hardest part of the ordeal was re-assembling her carrier. (Told you she was sketched! She wouldn’t come out!)

Her clips should be available to view in about two weeks. Oh, and she was so good they have requested her back!! I better be careful or she’ll start the crazy demands. I’ll post links once they are up.


Diva Moxie

July 8, 2010

Well, I guess I’m a “stage mom” now!

This picture garnered my sweet little Moxie cat the opportunity to be in a video for a national publication!  So guess what that means? BATH TIME FOR KITTY THIS WEEKEND! She doesn’t really like baths, but she allows me to bathe her. So I’ll fluff her all up, make her smell nice, and hopefully that will translate into a nice, polite kitty. Our call time is Monday at 10. Right in the middle of her morning snooze fest. Assuming this goes well, hopefully she’ll come out of there with the same size ego she already has. Lord knows she doesn’t need to think she’s any cuter than what she already thinks! And God help me if there are demands for homemade cat food, freshly grown catnip or a silver food dish. Let’s keep it in check kitten!

I’m sure by this time on Monday, I’ll have more to tell you about what this is. All I know is that it’s a segment on tips for cat owners. Stay tuned!!

THAT Friend…

June 29, 2010

Maybe a good kick is in order?

Is it just me, or does everyone attract jerky friends? There’s one friend I’m thinking of here – ultra-competitive and egotistical pretty much sum her up. It’s so strange because she can be a ton of fun and very caring.  

Back story: We got to know her a few years ago when she started dating a friend of ours. They’ve been married for a while now. At the time, her goofiness that placed her at the center of attention was chalked up to her being out of her element and with only her boyfriend as someone she knew well. WRONG!

She’s always right. Always. Doesn’t matter if she doesn’t know “jack” about the topic, she’ll argue to the death, until you can provide PROOF she’s wrong. Then she just shrugs it off like it was no big deal. Nevermind the gaping, bloody wounds. Problem is, she’s doing this more and more. She has to compete for time, attention, the most friends, the best appliances, the best brand name bags, etc. Her insecurities are so huge that her attempts to cover them with material diversions is going to put them into bankruptcy (not to mention her hubby’s issues – which I won’t even go into). And then she has the gall to bitch about their financial status. If anyone mentions these splurges, she becomes defensive and rationalizes. It’s crazy really.

Your everyday pack of ravenous wolves

They’ve got pets too. Good ones. Unfortunately, they are often not home at chow time and they call “favors” on friends and family. Just yesterday I got a call ONE HOUR before chow time. While I wanted to say “go fly a kite”, I pictured the happy faces of the sweet pets. It’s not their fault their people parents suck. Why should they go hungry? I couldn’t do it. I’m such a sucker for animals. Maybe I should have stopped that sentence at “sucker”.  After all, I’m the dependable one. I’m always here (no job, no life). So just default to me. It’s no big deal, right?

Being “friends” with her is becoming much more trouble than it’s worth. But I just can’t break up with her on a post-it…..

My hubby says I should have ignored the call yesterday, and if she called my cell, lie and say I was too far away. I can’t do that. One because it’s blatantly lying (NOT that he’s usually comfortable with that sort of thing) and two, because the poor animals. I know they won’t starve by the time someone gets home to feed them. But they honestly do know what time it is, and wolf down their food if it’s late.

So a while back, my hubby had some stuff stored at her hubby’s storage. He made a crack about charging rent. My hubby retorted with “right after we charge you for feeding your pets!” (Good one, hubs!) I didn’t know about the exchange, and “friend” offered to pay me for my “trouble” in feeding the pets. I felt awkward by that, so I declined. She was insistent on doing “something” for me. We finally settled on a mani/pedi. It was really nice. Any chance I get to get my toes did makes me happy. Especially if someone else is footing the bill. I found out after the fact about the traded barbs and it really soured me on the little indulgence. AND the fact she didn’t fess up about it all. (At the time I was caring for the pets at least three times a week.)

I’m just SO not competitive (at least not the way she is). I don’t WANT to be the center of attention in a room full of people. I might want to kick your ass every week at Bejeweled Blitz though. But that doesn’t even really carry bragging rights. I don’t need the newest, biggest, best of whatever. If what I’ve got works, then I’m good! I’m worn out even from thinking about her in this post! And to think, I haven’t even seen her in days. Hmph. I need a break.

The Klutz and her Cat

May 21, 2010

Do you ever have those days where you’re just in a crummy mood? Stems from that sense of foreboding? What awful shoe is going to drop from the sky today?Today is that day for me.

My cat woke me up well before 6am. She was hungry. Dammit, she needs to grow thumbs so she can open the damn can herself.

Then, at 7, hubby YELLS at me: “DIDYOUFEEDYOURCAT???” I yell back “YESIDID” and try to go back to sleep. But between being annoyed about him yelling to wake me up and ask me a question (WTF?), and the ruckus the cat was causing, I couldn’t sleep. (Meanwhile, said cat has been quite needy today.)

I go on about my day. Drive to the coastal town where my in-laws have a house, just to clear the mailbox of junk mail. On the way, I’m delayed by 87 blue-haired looky-lou tourists. For the love of GOD – pull over if you’re gonna stare at the ocean. Haven’t you heard of target fixation? Encounter more lame drivers on the way back.

But the topper was when I attempted to get into my car to leave my house for the beach. Now, I have an SUV. It’s not very high off the ground, nor is it difficult to get into. However, in my extreme grace, I managed to:

  • turn both ankles
  • twist my (bad) knee
  • tweak my (bad) back
  • hyper-extend my wrist
  • leave a key imprint in my right ring finger

Seriously. All this – just getting in the car. What happened, you ask? My shoe caught the edge between the lawn and the concrete driveway, thus turning my left ankle. The rest was fallout from the ensuing crash. WHO crashes getting INTO their vehicle?

I need a nap. (Wait, is that wise? I could have hit my head and lost consciousness.)

Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Spiders – Oh My!

May 13, 2010

While I’ve completely abandoned my “Beat The Clutter” effort (at least temporarily), I am still working on being a bit more eco-friendly and simplifying things in my life. While visiting home, I remembered the wonderful lemon cucumbers I used to eat straight from the garden. I missed out on all the tomatoes because as a kid I hated them. I didn’t like squash or zucchini either, but was forced to eat it. 

I mentioned that I missed the lemon cucumbers to my mom, and that I couldn’t find them here. No seeds, starters –  even at the farmers market. So we stopped at a local nursery and picked up four babies (for $8). Assuming I don’t kill them, and our resident squirrels and crows don’t discover them, it will be a worthwhile investment. 

Since our yard is in a disastrous mess that requires the rental of a brush mower, I read up on container gardening. Turns out you can grow just about anything in a container! 

Off I went to Home Depot to gather up a container, trellis and a couple of tomato plants. While I was there I decided to grab some flat leaf parsley, basil, and mint. Not sure exactly what I will use the mint for. 

I found some tomato trellis/gate thingies that I had bought a few years back. At that point, I never even bought the tomato plants! Oops. So really, this will be my first effort in growing anything edible. I have come to the conclusion that I got bored of the flowers when they weren’t blooming, so as long as I have that bad habit, I’ll never excel there. But maybe, just maybe, growing stuff to eat will keep my interest. I’m guessing this based on two things: 1- I love to eat and 2- maybe watching stuff grow and the process of producing something will keep me coming back to it. 

Black Widow as found on Wikipedia


The only thing about gardening I really hate is…. SPIDERS. Ugh. I really, really don’t like them. Mostly because the majority of spiders in our yard are black widows. About a month ago, I decided I would clean up the back patio. (Note to self: next patio set will not have crevices that attract black widow nests.) I found the biggest freaking black widow I have ever seen. The “butt” was at LEAST the size of a nickel, if not a quarter. Of course I was home alone, so I have no actual witness. For a brief moment, I contemplated running for my camera, but I was too scared to take my eyes of the evil one. The crunch under my shoe was audible. Sorry momma, but anything that’s poisonous has GOT TO GO!  (In case you have been under a rock all your life, these buggers are highly venemous. Though in finding this photo, I learned that no one has died from a bite in over 10 years.) 

I guess I found a male today, as it was brown with red markings on the belly. EWWW! He’s no longer with us. I wish there were more natural predators for these guys. I guess some weird sort of wasp is the only one. We don’t have any wasps to speak of around here, so I guess it’s time for prevention. I managed to destroy several egg sacs – YAY! And after that, I promptly jumped in the shower. I knew none of them made their way on to me, but I still felt creepy crawly. In fact, even hours later, and after a good shower & hair washing, I STILL feel icky!!!

This ‘n’ that

May 5, 2010

In case you were wondering, no, I’m not off house hunting in gated communities, which means, no, we did not win the lottery. I’ve been as sidetracked as ever. I have several posts started, but I’m waiting on something for all of ’em.

Hubby’s truck had to go back to the mechanic… again. So that left him without a vehicle for lunch. I went to pick him up, and we decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at one of our favorite little Mexican places. Shrimp tacos…. yuuuuum! Not exactly light on the calories, but hey, it’s a celebration! On the way back I saw the cutest little family. Wonder if they escaped? (He works in an animal friendly environment.)

I’m also planning a trip to see my mom & grandmother for mother’s day. It’s about an 8 hour drive and since I’m still out of work, I thought it would be really nice for them. (Ok, and for me too.) My grandmother (92) is advancing in her struggles with Alzheimer’s, and my grandfather has issues of his own including paranoia and confusion. I think much of that is due to the high number of pain pills he has to take – nearly all of his joints are worn out. Since he’s in his 90’s, either living with severe pain, or living in the haze of pain pills are his only choices. I really enjoyed hanging out with my mom & step-dad at Christmas, so this will be fun, I’m sure. Plus maybe this time I can see a couple people I’ve been missing on my last trips.

Finally, I have volunteered to work the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. I’m so excited that we (Los Angeles) are hosting the draft! I’ve often thought about volunteering for various Kings events, but I haven’t wanted to miss the event. The NHL is looking for volunteers two days prior to the start of the draft, so why not? I’m sure there’s all kinds of things that have to happen, that just about anyone can help with. Any maybe, just maybe, they’ll need my help in an area of my expertise – how much fun would that be!!??!! So wish me luck in being accepted as a volunteer because I really want to do it!

I Love Lemurs!

April 24, 2010