Tucking Tickets

Bitten’s a bit under the weather thanks to all the sick people who were on my flights, so I’ll keep this short.

Over the last few days, I noticed two different people and how they store their tickets differently than me. Most recently, I was at a Motorsports event and the gentleman sitting next to me was dressed in olive green sweats, brown socks and white tennies. What really tied together his outfit was the fact he accessorized his shoe with his event ticket. How I do not envy the ticket checker people! EWW!

Then, on my flight to Arizona, I noticed another unique ticket holding tactic. We hit the tarmac and began our hour-long taxi to the gate (anyone that’s been to PHX knows what I’m talking about). I began looking around out of sheer boredom (no electronic devices allowed yet) and saw an older man seated several rows ahead of me. He was looking to his right and I noticed his ball cap appeared to still have the tag on it (ala Minnie Pearl). However, when he looked to his left, I realized that it wasn’t a tag, but something much larger. Upon more intense inspection, I realize it’s his boarding pass clipped to his cap with… a BINDER CLIP!!! Wow. Maybe this is the adult version of traveling with your name and instructions pinned to your shirt?

Do any of you employ these ticket holding tactics? Or do you act like the rest of the world and stick your ticket in your wallet or pocket?


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