10 Pounds of Sh!t…

It's a puzzle to make it all fit - that's for sure!

I like puzzles. I like to be prepared. I like to have choices. Que the heaviest suitcase you’ve ever seen for its’ size. I’m only going to be gone 3 days, but one day requires a suit – YUCK – one day requires business casual (travel day – YUCK) and the other is totally casual. Plus, I’m staying at my boss’ place, so “normal” pj’s are required. And, I have no clue what we’re doing for dinners – if we’re going out and if it’s casual. And toiletries. I swear this is where the weight comes in. Shampoo, conditioner, hair tamer, shaving cream, razor, face wash (3 bottles), body wash (just one bottle), toothpaste, electric toothbrush, and so on. My toiletry bag takes up half the suitcase. My boots take up 1/3 of the remaining space. After my suit, that doesn’t leave me much in the way of space. I wish I had a suitcase that was just a bit bigger. But something tells me I would end up with the same problem.

If you haven’t already guessed, I buy many things in bulk. If I find a product I like, such as shampoo, I buy the biggest bottle I can find. My favorite products have a way of being discontinued right after I discover them. Don’t laugh (okay, maybe do laugh) I couldn’t find a bottle to put my hair tamer in. (The 10 gallon jug just isn’t going to fit.) I ended up using a small Rubbermaid container, placed nicely inside a ziplock baggie – just in case.

If you travel with me, you’ll also see the biggest purse ever. In my purse alone, I have my make-up, me technological accessories (laptop cord, phone charger, iPod charger, phone and iPod – unfortunately the laptop won’t fit), carry on liquids (hand sanitizer – and do they count lip gloss as liquid?), other girlie stuff, my wallet, an envirosac and a pair of shoes. Not just any pair, but my favorite (for work). Don’t ask my why I’m bringing them – I guess because they can be casual or dressy depending on the outfit. Plus I just can’t leave them behind. I wear them at least twice a week.

But wait, there’s more! (I just LOVE saying that!) I have my laptop bag. That’s got my 8 1/2 x 11 planner, laptop and work I have to bring with me. That puppy is packed full too! I can barely get it all zipped. But it’s going on the plane with me, and the laptop comes out as soon as possible (thank you Wi-fi in the sky!) so it won’t be stretched to the max for long.

So it’s off to Arizona I go… just for a couple of days. I’m sure there will be stories aplenty after this trip. Afterall, airports are seriously good fodder for blogging.


6 Responses to 10 Pounds of Sh!t…

  1. Li Li says:

    “I like puzzles. I like to be prepared. I like to have choices. Que the heaviest suitcase you’ve ever seen for its’ size.”

    hahaha…brill. i love it. 😉

  2. Tim Rueb says:

    “in a five pound sack” I loved the post. Keep up the great work on your post a week goal.

  3. halfwayto50 says:

    I pack like you. I’d rather have extra things with me that I don’t need, than regret not packing that one pair of jeans or that top I have! No shame!

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