California Dreamin’

My dreams are NOT recharging me!

The new year has brought totally bizarre dreams to my life. Normally, I’m not one to remember my dreams. But in the last few days, I can recall three dreams from three different nights. The first dream, I was kidnapped by Mexican gang-bangers. I was transported to a secret location with an uncomfortable seat in the trunk of a car. Once at the secret location, I was shackled, and watched by a one-armed gang member. When he left the room, I found a way to make a phone call, but he returned before I connected with anyone. He then proceeded to stab me in the top of the head with a knife. Strangely, it didn’t hurt or bleed.

Then, the next night, I dreamt I was kidnapped, but by my ex-boyfriend. I haven’t talked to him since before I moved to SoCal in ’97. Anyway, he somehow kidnapped me, tied me to a chair on a boat, and threatened to knock me out with a fire extinguisher (the big kind you see mounted on semi trucks) if I didn’t play nice. My alarm sounded before I could determine what that scumbag wanted. (This guy was a real gem, but the topper was when I told him I was done, he tried to throw me down a flight of stairs. He gave up when he realized he was going with me if it was happening at all. A-hole.)

And the dream from the night before last was strange as well, but no kidnapping thank God! I dreamt I was driving through a beach town (local spot, I used to live there) and saw a coworker (that lives in Utah) standing in front of a restaurant. Then, beaches came into view. I quickly realize that what I see at the shore are not rocks, but GIANT beached whales! I mean tons of them. They were all still alive, but almost all of them were just about completely beached. There were people all over trying to push these beasts back in the water to save them. I wanted to help, but couldn’t find anywhere I could stop.

Whatever all this means, you now have a glimpse into the inner workings of my noggin’.


2 Responses to California Dreamin’

  1. planejaner says:

    Wow–sounds like perhaps you have some change coming–maybe a calling to something new that you are resisting (hence the kidnapping)?
    or…maybe bad pizza.
    I wrote this one last year…after some bad dreams…

    blessings–and SWEET dreams.

  2. The first dream I blamed on food too late. But to have two more weird ones… I don’t know what the change would be – but it’s entirely possible! Dreams can be so fascinating – I wish I remembered more of mine. Sweet dreams to you as well! 🙂

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