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*Just a note to say that I don’t get anything monetary from referrals to either the Break Free program or Saving Dinner. Just the satisfaction in knowing that it will help more people become healthier!

Okay, a few have asked about this diet program I’m on. It’s kind of a diet, but more of a “lifestyle change” – if I can say that without sounding too cliché. It’s called Break Free Boot Camp (BFBC). Some of the description sounds like a high pressure sales pitch. The only reason I trusted it is because I’ve followed Leanne Ely for years. She is the “Dinner Diva” and author of Saving Dinner among other books. She has a service where she puts together meal plans weekly, and includes recipes as well as the shopping list. I have used this service off and on for a while and 99% of the time, liked the food. I know she’s good about making healthful choices and still yummy meals.

What reeled me in was knowing I was totally addicted to certain foods. Coffeemate for example. That’s nothing but chemicals. And I used a lot of it. Wonder what that does to you over years? Eww. Also, I have been having some mild but annoying GI issues (think of the “Idiot’s Day In Church“). Okay, maybe not THAT bad! But more annoyingly, I have been having sinus/allergy issues that more often than not lead to migraines. Migraines lead to ingesting more chemicals or projectile vomiting. Sometimes both. This program (and other research I saw) says that food sensitivities can be blamed in most cases for both of my issues. Not to mention trouble sleeping and lack of energy. Plus, I knew I was eating like crap and a change had to happen. NOW. I was the heaviest I’d ever been in my life. I looked at weight loss as inevitable due to a change in eating (and having more energy), so that wasn’t my focus. However, it IS the most measurable result in a tangible sort of way.

BFBC is run by Leanne (who by the way is a Certified Nutritionist) and JJ Virgin, whom I’d never heard of before. It seems JJ is a celebrity nutrition expert and has worked with Gene Simmons among others. Whatever. She really knows the science behind food and how our bodies use it. She is a very good speaker and salesperson though, and just so you know, she’s got a whole store full of products she recommends. Not sure if they are HER products or what. I didn’t order anything yet, but I do have a gift certificate for signing up early. For me, the product pushing bordered on annoying. I suppose if the products are that good, then no big deal. I guess almost all of the participants bought stuff and from what I saw, everyone seemed happy with it.

Anyway, the idea is that you go through 28 days by removing gluten, eggs, dairy, soy and peanuts. This of course includes anything genetically modified and un-organic. High fructose corn syrup is the devil. The meals do tend to the spicy side, which made hubby happy and me quite sad. There is a forum (on allowing you to pose questions and converse with others in the program. Since that will be going away, we started a Facebook group so we could all stay in touch.

Following the 28 days, you re-introduce foods one at a time. For example, next week, I will reintroduce dairy. Start with a small serving (like greek yogurt) and see what happens. If nothing, continue for a few days and then leave it out for a few days. Nothing? Dairy is OK! Of course there’s more to it than this, but I can’t spill the beans for the whole program! (It wasn’t cheap, either. And hubby knew better than to ask.) And then the following week, you add another food, etc. If you find one that makes you feel explosive (in a bad way) then, Houston, we’ve got a problem. I love eggs and dairy and wheat, so I’m praying I don’t have issues with those. I could probably live without soy – or minimal soy. I don’t like any soy products like soy cheese, soy milk, soy burgers, etc. so that won’t be a problem. And peanuts – I could go either way. I guess we’ll see.

I feel like this program has been worth the money. Now, if you don’t need the classes (four total, plus other handouts) and the forum/access to wellness coaches, you can get a 28 Day Break Free menu from Leanne for under $30. I am considering doing this for my next four weeks while I add things back in. Oh, and if you don’t like chicken, prepare to learn to like it. And brace yourself for the expense in changing from conventional to organic foods. However, I compared this to my inability to get things done around the house and the expense of eating out as much as we did, and so far, it’s about a wash. The winter will be harder, because there aren’t as many veggie choices, but I am fortunate to live in SoCal where so many things are available year round. I couldn’t imagine doing this in England or something. Yuck.

I’m not going to kid you. It’s hard the first week. I had pretty bad headaches and was kind of cranky. I had some nasty cravings. I chalked it all up to detoxing, which basically it was. I have many fewer headaches now and the GI front is pretty quiet. I’ve only had one craving (thanks hormones) and that was satisfied with an ounce of dark chocolate. (Allowed, by the way.) So this program may just work!!

Soybean GMO info:

Other GMO info:


4 Responses to The Program

  1. Amy says:

    Wow, this sounds like a major life change. Major congrats to you for sticking with it. Sounds like you have really benefited from it.
    I’ve been trying so hard to pay attention to what I buy and eat. It’s amazing (and scary) how many things have high fructose corn syrup in it! Reading labels is a habit now.
    Good luck on the next stage of the program!

  2. izziedarling says:

    Thanks for posting this, Bitten. Wow – severe – this is what they do to people with severe food allergies but it does make sense. Am addicted to coffee creamer – everything else is pretty much in line with what you are doing. Keep posting about results – GREAT!

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