Diva Moxie

Well, I guess I’m a “stage mom” now!

This picture garnered my sweet little Moxie cat the opportunity to be in a video for a national publication!  So guess what that means? BATH TIME FOR KITTY THIS WEEKEND! She doesn’t really like baths, but she allows me to bathe her. So I’ll fluff her all up, make her smell nice, and hopefully that will translate into a nice, polite kitty. Our call time is Monday at 10. Right in the middle of her morning snooze fest. Assuming this goes well, hopefully she’ll come out of there with the same size ego she already has. Lord knows she doesn’t need to think she’s any cuter than what she already thinks! And God help me if there are demands for homemade cat food, freshly grown catnip or a silver food dish. Let’s keep it in check kitten!

I’m sure by this time on Monday, I’ll have more to tell you about what this is. All I know is that it’s a segment on tips for cat owners. Stay tuned!!


2 Responses to Diva Moxie

  1. Your cat is ok with baths? I’m afraid to give my newcat one. She likes to bat at the water stream, but once she jumped in the shower with me…it wasn’t pretty.

    Good luck on Monday! I can’t wait to hear about it.

    • She has no choice! LOL I started giving her baths when she was really tiny. I have the scars to prove it. I’m determined, and now she tolerates baths as long as I hurry. I have a relatively deep tub, so that helps. She gets too much traction in the kitchen.

      I think the key was starting her so young and not letting her win.

      I’m way more excited about Monday than she is. Silly cat.

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