Bitten’s Broken

My little workhose is sick!

Well, actually, I’m not broken. (Okay, maybe that one’s up for debate.) But what really IS broken is my computer. I’m on a borrowed laptop now. Ugh. I feel like someone ripped my security blanket away from me!

So anyway, I have no idea what’s really wrong with my machine, but I’ll be back as soon as I can.

And just for the record, I did not go all ‘Office Space’ on it, so don’t blame me. Blame those little computer gremlins.


4 Responses to Bitten’s Broken

  1. redriverpak says:

    I feel your pain! That’s how I felt when the Internet was down… Just don’t do like I did one day where I was faced with a computer that just completely up and died within an instant….only for me to discover that my numb foot had clicked off the power to the surge protector…….Oops!….

  2. redriverpak says:

    Ok….time to get back to blogging….or else!

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