Simplification: Check-In #2

It’s been a long while since my last check-in. What’s been going on?

  • Haven’t touched my sewing machine.  FAIL! I have, however moved it from the middle of the kitchen table to my nice guest room. (No, I do not expect guests to sew for me.)
  • I have been cooking more! Well, considering my diet, I kinda have to or I would starve! I have lost 11 pounds in less than two weeks. When I think about that, it’s kind of embarrassing because it just goes to show how terrible all the processed crap & fast food really are for you!
  • Less daytime TV – Check! More movement: FAIL.
  • Little chores: PROGRESS… Thanks to Flylady, I’m getting some basic stuff done (making the bed, keeping the kitchen sink shiny, etc.)
  • Remembering my reuseable grocery bags: I’m ROCKIN’ this one!! At Trader Joe’s, they give you a raffle ticket for a gift card drawing, and at Whole Foods, they give you a nickel off per bag. Little rewards are nice!
  • Clearing clutter: a little progress.
  • Gardening: my front planter box remains weed free and my container veggies remain alive. Yahoo!
  • Purchasing less: unless it pertains to something edible, or something to improve our house, I’m killing it!
  • Doing stuff that’s FUN: Check! I’ve seen one of my very favorite performers (twice) and have been taking walks with my borrowed doggies. Also, it’s been fun working with hubby on the house – kind of a bonding experience. We’re actually becoming quite a team when he’s more patient with whatever’s not going right, and as long as I don’t take his comments personally (they’re always directed at whatever isn’t working or himself anyway).

What are you doing/have you done to simplify your life? Are you struggling with any of the things I am? How are you decluttering your life?


10 Responses to Simplification: Check-In #2

  1. Miss Nikki says:

    The day I decided to simplify my life was to become the most complicated day of my life. Really. Simplification means radical change. Radical change means complications. But… it’s all in the journey not the destination right? Or, wait that saying is true of everything in life with 1 exception: simplification.

    Fuck, I’ve never been so complicated since I decided to really live it simple.

    p.s. processed food is bad, but totally unavoidable, AND since they announced soy causes cancer, where do we go for health food? where? boo-hoooo
    p.s. 2 daytime tv sucks… stick to Sundance, their daytime movies can rock, but the reality shows everywhere else just contribute to rotting your brain
    p.s. 3 clearing clutter, I agree with you, it’s a basic simplification 101 – if you don’t need it or use it then get rid of it! that’s what the Goodwill is for!
    p.s. 4 gardening… is there anything more zen in life than gardening??? really is there? I miss it… and zen is ALL about being simple, because it’s all about simply being!
    p.s. 5 purchasing less, haaaaa, if I could put a breathalyzer on my eBay account… if I could get a nickel every time I thought that… but yes, we buy WAY too much crap, way too much!
    p.s. 6 seeing your fave performer twice? cool, that makes you an official groupie! Never too old to follow an idol.
    p.s. 7 sorry, I’m a comment hog. Can’t control it. People don’t listen to me in real life, so in real blog I go on and on and on… Thanks for friending me on 30+

    My main pride is this: everything I won (fantabulous typo there) everything I OWN fits in a pick-up truck and a bike rack. Everything. Including what my guy owns. Still debating on if my sewing machine needs to follow me to my next unknown destination. But the snowboardS / ski equipment / bikeS / are a must. It’s all about priorities. This is my first read of your blog, enjoyed it. Will be back if you allow me!

    • *waves hi*
      Thanks for coming by, and please, come back as long as you enjoy it! Don’t feel like a comment hog. 🙂 I love the ebay breathalizer idea. And I’m envious that all your posessions can move with you so easily!

      Oh, and on the non-soy front, have you tried coconut milk? It doesn’t even taste like coconut (which to me is a good thing)!

  2. Elliott says:

    I must say, I’m impressed. You didn’t touch the sewing machine, yet moved it to another room? I always wanted that superpower.

    I’ll never have superpowers, because I can’t even remember to take my reusable grocery bags to the store.

  3. Let’s see how I measure up:

    -Been sewing like a fiend. Actually did some very nice baby presents and am looking forward to doing more (may open an Etsy shop – we’ll see).
    – Cooking more? What’s 10 x 0? Yep, that’s right.
    – I don’t have to worry about daytime TV, I’m sitting at a desk all day. Do blogs count? No? Good, because my “must-read” list keeps growing.
    – Little chores – I’m with you… progress. It’s hard to get stuff done with the ankle-biter around all the time.
    – Reusable grocery bags… I can’t even remember to take my Ginko Biloba.
    – Gardening: if that’s what you call letting the weeds grow, yes, my gardening has been wonderful.
    – Purchasing less: major FAIL!
    – Doing stuff that’s FUN: somehow, this isn’t on my list – major FAIL – it’s getting a high priority now!

    Looks like I am your Bizarro World decluttering twin. Maybe I can take some inspiration from you! Scary? 😉

  4. Erin says:

    Good for you for sticking with the diet plan! I am a total sucker for a good diet/health story so I will definitely stay tuned. Now if I could just motivate myself to do the same.

  5. Reusable shopping bags. I really need to start using those. Today a girl at the grocery store triple bagged some of stuff. Definitely not necessary.

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