Not dead yet!

No, not me. I know some of you were thinking it because of my new diet. LOL

Can you believe it? My three tomato plants and two cucumber plants are all still alive! I wasn’t as worried about the parsley, basil and mint, but they are thriving too.

From Drop Box

I have been diligently watering and feeding these bad boys. They have rewarded me with plenty of blooms and a spike in height and girth. One tomato plant even has actual tomatoes on it! They are small and green still (check that, a couple are turning reddish!), but that’s definite progress! I feel like such a produce stalker because every day I’m out there inspecting the plants to see what’s new. (Yeah, I need a life!)

So maybe, just maybe, by the time I’m done with this 28 day food deal, I can eat the tomatoes I’ve grown in some sort of yummy pasta sauce! (Hopefully, they’ll be ready)

Now, I wonder why I can’t keep houseplants alive?

Check out the baby tomato!

From Drop Box

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