So far, so good.

Yum, what a dinner!

We’re working on Day Three of this crazy food plan. Hubby decided he’d participate Monday morning. Gee – thanks for the head’s up, pal! I sent him off to work with the first smoothie, and I made a second for me. He calls me, not two minutes after he leaves, to ask if there was garlic in the berry smoothie. Yeah, it was pretty gnarly. But we both sucked it up, so to speak.  Lunch consisted of a huge salad and some chicken with veggies. Dinner was salmon with veggies and salad. So far, with the exception of the smoothie, the food tasted good (not crazy about the salmon but that’s because it was salmon) and I was pretty full. One of the ideas is to limit snacking so the body goes into fat burning mode. I found I wanted sweets or something crunchy mostly out of boredom.

Day two rolls around and we’re supposed to have leftovers for lunch, except when it’s fish. (Fish only every fourth day – which is great because I HATE re-heated fish.) Or a smoothie. Since it was just me for dinner, I opted to keep the leftovers from lunch yesterday for dinner and just have a smoothie. Popped that in a skillet and gather some salad and I’m good. Added some almond butter to the smoothie and blended it longer – that made a huge difference! Still not happy about my coffee situation because, basically, it tastes like a car tire. This is even with some coconut milk and xylitol for sweetener. Oh, because I had the smoothie for lunch I ate dinner early. I was dying for something to eat around 7:30 so I had a green apple with almond butter. NUMMY. That snack is a keeper no matter what.  And believe it or not, it satisfied my craving for sweet. I guess natural sugars as found in fruit are ok as long as they are in moderation and eaten along with some protein and healthy fat. BONUS: I got to have wine! Wine is allowed – but only at 4 oz a day, and not the sweet stuff. It was amazing – the wine tasted better than it ever has, and since I used a different glass, I didn’t feel like I wasn’t getting a full serving. HAPPY HAPPY

Day three and I’m ready to attack my coffee with Stevia. Made all the difference in the world! Plus I used a bit more coconut milk. And now for the smoothie, I realized I can add a tsp of local honey to help with my allergies and give it a little sweet. Add FRESH berries instead of frozen and – wahoo – I’m in business! I liked it so much that I made one for lunch too! Breakfast was raspberries and lunch was blueberries. Dinner is some sort of asian stir fry with beef. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m optimistic!

The biggest bummer is that I have a terrible headache and am very lethargic. I honestly believe this is a little bit because I didn’t have my regular two cups of coffee (it was so ick) until today and plus I’m basically going through withdrawals for white stuff like sugar and carbs. And trying to get in as much water as I can means lots of excercise to the bathroom! lol


4 Responses to So far, so good.

  1. redriverpak says:

    I know that I would die of malnutrition on that diet! Good luck! (Plunging my face into a bowl of pure sugar with evil grin on face…) 🙂

  2. Miss Nikki says:

    Here’s a skinny girl trick to boredom hunger: eat foods that the actual activity of eating burns more calories than the intake. Such as… raw veggies. Most raw veggies (like celery sticks or raw brocoli, but avoid those yummy little baby carrots, they have loads of sugar) actually do burn up more calories from chewing and swallowing (that’s what she said) than what you are actually swallowing (again, she said that too).

    So… if you get where I’m going, when you have a boredom hunger, and know it’s a boredom hunger, eat raw veggies. Another little insightful trick is drink a lot (hmm, trying to remember if she said that). A lot of water that is. Drink water, it tricks your brain into thinking it’s full. Play with your brain, it really does work. Good luck! But it looks like you’re on the right track…

    • You had me rolling with this one! 😀 I think a job will help a lot with the boredom hunger! LOL And trust me, I’m about to float away I’ve been drinking so much damn water. Lemon & Strawberry floating in it help make it more interesting. But damn, no soda!!

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