Guest room redo

Phew! If anyone noticed it’s been a bit since my last post, I’ve been shoulder deep in clutter, crap & well, more crap.

A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law went through a divorce. Suffering from depression, fibromyalgia and laziness, she had no job and no place to go. So of course we took her in. Turns out she developed quite an alcohol problem too. Long story short, she lived with us for about a year and then went off the deep end. I loaded her in the car & dumped her at the airport, fully wondering if they’d allow her on the plane since she smelled like the inside of a Cuervo bottle, and shipped her off to her parents’. She’s pushing 40, so she really should have life figured out by now.

Not my closet - shot found at

So the point of the post is that I finally spent some time rearranging the former guest room. Every time I went in there, it felt like she was still there even though the majority of her stuff is gone. She had changed the furniture around to suit her needs, which was fine. It’s just not how I would want it for a guest. I also swapped jackets around: riding gear in the hall closet and winter jackets in the guest closet. While it was a ton of work, I realized just how many jackets we have. And I started thinking about how many people go DON’T have a single jacket, or make do with one that doesn’t fit well or isn’t well made.

As soon as hubby is back and feeling up to it, I’m going to insist that we go through the winter coat closet. Not only will it lighten the load on the closet rod, donating (even in the summer) will help those that need it. Sometimes it takes putting everything of a kind together to realize what you’ve got.

And the end result is that I have a cleared off desk to use for sewing, crafts, scrapbooking or even wrapping gifts. There’s a dresser that I can access, and a mirror a guest can use easily. The bed is right under the window – and considering we don’t have AC – that will provide some much-needed air in afternoons. And hey – I can get to the window to open it up! Also, I put gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons and bows in the drawers of the dresser. Having them empty just beckons me to put clothing in them. Why not use it to store these goodies without crushing them? And if someone comes to stay a while, I can easily throw them in a box or bag to free up a drawer or two.

I just have some rearranging of plaques and number plates. Don’t want anything falling on someone’s head in an earthquake! (This is where we’ve showcased our – yes OUR – trophies, plaques and awards for motorcycling & work, along with some personalized number plates given to us from friends.)

Now, on to the OTHER guest room. That one’s going to be much harder considering hubby’s collection of magazines. UGH!


7 Responses to Guest room redo

  1. izziedarling says:

    Isn’t a great feeling to “find” new space?

  2. Amy says:

    What is it with men and their magazines? You’re not going to read it again – throw it away!
    I hate the cleaning up, but love the end result. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I may need it. My guy is a bit odd in that he remembers what articles are in which magazine. (By that reasoning, why can’t he remember what the article said? LOL) But hey, if that’s his worst vice, then I’ll keep him!

  3. redriverpak says:

    That might not be your closet in the photo….but is sure looks alot like my wife’s closet….

    • Oh no! My clothes closet (as opposed to my jacket closet lol) used to look like that until the wooden shelving and hanger rod gave out in the middle of the night. Holy cow, that was a terrible thing to wake up to! I thought a tree had come through the roof. (Not that there’s actually a tree that could…) Good luck!

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