The Klutz and her Cat

Do you ever have those days where you’re just in a crummy mood? Stems from that sense of foreboding? What awful shoe is going to drop from the sky today?Today is that day for me.

My cat woke me up well before 6am. She was hungry. Dammit, she needs to grow thumbs so she can open the damn can herself.

Then, at 7, hubby YELLS at me: “DIDYOUFEEDYOURCAT???” I yell back “YESIDID” and try to go back to sleep. But between being annoyed about him yelling to wake me up and ask me a question (WTF?), and the ruckus the cat was causing, I couldn’t sleep. (Meanwhile, said cat has been quite needy today.)

I go on about my day. Drive to the coastal town where my in-laws have a house, just to clear the mailbox of junk mail. On the way, I’m delayed by 87 blue-haired looky-lou tourists. For the love of GOD – pull over if you’re gonna stare at the ocean. Haven’t you heard of target fixation? Encounter more lame drivers on the way back.

But the topper was when I attempted to get into my car to leave my house for the beach. Now, I have an SUV. It’s not very high off the ground, nor is it difficult to get into. However, in my extreme grace, I managed to:

  • turn both ankles
  • twist my (bad) knee
  • tweak my (bad) back
  • hyper-extend my wrist
  • leave a key imprint in my right ring finger

Seriously. All this – just getting in the car. What happened, you ask? My shoe caught the edge between the lawn and the concrete driveway, thus turning my left ankle. The rest was fallout from the ensuing crash. WHO crashes getting INTO their vehicle?

I need a nap. (Wait, is that wise? I could have hit my head and lost consciousness.)


10 Responses to The Klutz and her Cat

  1. redriverpak says:

    Spooky, I had an eerily similiar situation happen here at my house involving a female relative. She was getting into her car in our driveway and stepped on the edge of our driveway and front yard grass at a point where the driveway is elevated about an inch or two. She fell in a heap and landed squarely on her face and “her boob”. She was in enough pain that we had to call for the paramedics and she was rushed to the local ER. Her female chestage area ballooned up to the size of a watermelon while her face looked like she had been beaten up in a street brawl. All because of one little misstep in the driveway….. Hope you get to feelin better!

  2. That cat video is one of my ALL-TIME favorites and it is so true. I have a big black cat that tries similar tactics each morning. I hurt for you regarding your rough morning!

    • That video never fails to make me laugh – this guy captured the mischevious/fatkid nature of cats so well. I didn’t realize he had more videos until this though – they are pretty funny as well.

  3. Holly B says:

    Ive had days, hell weeks just like the one you mentioned. This morning the DH woke me up filling his cooler with ice. “Could you possibly CLOSE THE BEDROOM DOOR FIRST?” I yelled as I got up to slam the door. I’m pretty sure he gave me the California howdy behind my back.
    One day I will tell the story of how one of my mother’s friends ran over herself with her own van thus breaking BOTH legs. I still chuckle about it when I think about it.
    * boards southbound train to hell for laughing*

    • Oh no!! My sister-in-law had a phase where she kept trying (unintentionally) to run herself over, but, thankfully, never reallyhurting herself beyond a bump & bruise.

      Hope your day got better after the ice!

  4. I love these videos so MUCH. I have a cutout of the kitty on my fridge. It makes me giggle 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    This sounds exactly like something I would do! I can trip over a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. It runs in my family, though. My mom once fell INTO a boat!
    Blueberries help bruises heal faster. Always have some in the fridge!

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