Proactiv Progress



3 Easy Steps (REALLY!) 2 x daily

It’s been a week since I began the Proactiv system. So far, I’m relatively pleased. I have to reign myself in when I think about the progress. I would love for it to have been instant! Then they’d have to rename it “Magic.” In my last post, I expressed concern over the cost. I apparently used the “non-club” pricing, in addition to accounting for every product they sent me. For what I want, it will be $30. Now, the product description says 90-day supply, but the shipping frequency is defaulted to a monthly ship time. I will wait to see what shows up at the end of the month for $30. If it will last even 60 days, that’s still less expensive than what I was doing! 

Anyway, I have been SO good about using it properly – morning AND night. I only skipped last night. Last night I had a terrible migraine and wanted only to sleep. Also, I was pissed off at it! Yes, at Proactiv. You see, the instructions clearly say to use a white washcloth as the Benzoyl Peroxide might discolor your cloth otherwise. What never occurred to me was that the peroxide formula was in steps two and three as well as step one (where the washcloth is required). I noticed some weird orange-ish stains on my once beautiful gold pillowcase. Yep, you guessed it.  The peroxide ruined my pillowcase! Grrr. 

So off to target to buy some cheap, white pillowcases today. Oh, and don’t worry. I change my bedding often – it’s just my favorite linens so I’m sure to wash early in the day so I can use the same set again straight from the dryer. 😉 

But back to the matter at hand – or face, as the case may be. My skin looks good. Really good. Except the few areas that are still breaking out around my chin and mouth. I know some of this is because I rest my chin in my hand when I (try to?) think. Also, the nightly ritual of chapstick has ceased, as it was evidently sliding off my lips and clogging every pore around my mouth. I’ll take the chapped lips in the morning over the self-produced volcanoes, thank you very much. 

I’m optimistic, and why shouldn’t I be?


2 Responses to Proactiv Progress

  1. shoutabyss says:

    Did you get the free gift? If so, what was it?

    Believe it or not your pillowcase story is extremely interesting info for someone thinking about using the product. 🙂

    • There was not one, but… wait for it… TWO free gifts! One was a small size Green Tea Moisturizer and the other was something called Daily Oil Control. I’m not crazy enough about either one of them to keep buying them. Besides the regular 3 step deal (pictured) there was also a refinng mask and moisturizer with SPF 15. Oh – and I guess there was actually a third “gift” – some dumb book that addressed common myths about skin issues.

      I’ve done my job if I’ve saved even one pillowcase for someone. 😉

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