Mr. Scuffle

Socks and sandals are one thing, but socks and flip-flops? You know, those of us born before 1980 called them Thongs for quite some time. That is, until some wise-ass (pun intended) decided that underwear should be worn in between your butt cheeks and deemed those “thongs.” But that’s a whole other post entirely. 

Imagine socks that are too big and really dirty. Now, squish them up in the toes more.


(Photo found on 

Where did I see this atrocity, you ask? In the middle of the county fairgrounds (that would be in supposedly civilized and classy Orange County) during a major car show this weekend. Hubby and I decided to go see what was there (little did we know!).  After all, I still have to decide on a favorite old truck so we can plan a new project. (As if we need another project. Shaaaaa!) 

Of course we can’t go anywhere without one of us knowing someone. While we were actively engaged in conversation, Mr. Scuffle appeared. I call him Mr. Scuffle because how else could you possibly walk with all that wadded up in between your toes? I gently nudged hubby so he’d see just how ridiculous this looks. He’s got a habit of trying to run around with socks and slippahs (like the Hawaiian kind). I am generally able to keep him from looking too much like a fool. At least in the shoe department. But I digress. Again. 

As one friend mentioned, perhaps his feet needed to be hidden? Great. Hide them. With SHOES! This vision very nearly gave me nightmares. So maybe he has to hide his feet and can’t wear shoes. Excellent. Wear sandals. Socks and sandals would be way less visually offensive. I can only imagine how annoying it would be to walk with him… scuffle… scuffle… scuffle. At a snail’s pace. Or worse yet – stuck behind him! 

Don’t ask me why this bugs me so much. Maybe it’s because as a child I was forced to wear knee socks with sandals and dresses? Not only was that a fashion no-no, it was a great way to show off my clumsiness by highlighting my scarred up knees. A neon yellow arrow would have been more subtle. And how come nothing ever matched? Maybe that’s why I’m a little crazy careful about colors now. 

The end result of our Saturday was an enjoyable time at the car show (photos forthcoming), capped off with a yummy Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Onions & Mushrooms please!


6 Responses to Mr. Scuffle

  1. Amy says:

    I used to work at a Japanese restaurant (the kind where they cook everything in front of you) and had to wear a kimono. Part of the uniform required that we wear the traditional shoes (look just like flip-flops) with white socks. The whole get-up was uncomfortable as hell and those socks bugged the crap out of me. Why anyone would wear socks with flip-flops if they are not getting paid to do so is baffling!

  2. Right?? If it’s tradition, then cool. This guy, however, was most definitely NOT in a Kimono. tee hee!

  3. I hate socks and sandals! And this is even worse.

    My boyfriend claims it is acceptable to wear socks and sandals in Oregon where he is from…I don’t believe him.

  4. I don’t think men should be allowed to wear sandals, period. I’m trying to decide what is worse… wearing socks with sandals or having to look at disgusting toes. Blech! The thought of man toes makes me want to barf. And, if his socks are that dirty, lord only knows how long its been since he trimmed his toenails.

    • Ayyyyy! Hadn’t thought of that. Shoes are still the answer.

      You probably will become even more peeved after this: A while back, hubby pointed out a guy in the checkout line (AT THE MARKET!)and his toenails were going for a worlds record in length. Gahhhhh!!! Whenever I would annoy hubby, he’d bring up that guys feet. Literally, I almost ralphed in the line at Ralphs. *shudders*

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