Things I Love!

Another goodie that has made my life much easier are these fancy numbers:  

Contain your joy! (And please ignore all the crap on my counter.)


Gone are the days of searching for a lid to match the Tupperware you’ve already dumped your leftovers into! Also gone are the days of trying to figure out how much that old sour cream container actually holds. I’m proud to say that I only have a couple other plastic containers (some of the fruit/veggie type with the air circulation and a couple of sizes that didn’t come with the set).  

Really, I love this set not just for the ease in storing them. They fit in my fridge well amidst all the beverages hubby must keep cold. (I mean really, who needs 18 different types of beer cold?) The lids secure well, which is really good since I drop just about everything. As long as the lid’s on it, I’m safe. Also, they seems immune to that weird white gunk that comes from the micro and dishwasher. They show water spots, but hey – that just proves I washed ’em, right?  

Who is the lucky beneficiary of my old (but new looking for the most part) containers? My dear Mother In Law. Over the years, she’s bestowed many gifts things on me. Many were too good to throw out, but she just didn’t want them anymore. Turnabout is fair play, yes? Since she’s the one that usually cooks the giant holiday meals, and sends everyone away with their own giant holiday meals for the next week, she needs containers she can give away. (Or so I told myself.) Besides, she has two kitchens. (Two homes, really, but having two kitchens sounds more deserving!) I could tell she was less than thrilled, but couldn’t come up with a good reason to say no. Besides, I dropped them off to her other home after picking up the mail. That would be the trip I make about every two weeks that sucks a half a tank of gas. But that’s another story.Thanks Rubbermaid, for containing my containers!


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