Comfort Me

Besides being the title to an awesome song (Tim McGraw), it applies to my dinner last night. 

After being away from home for several days, dealing with the cat puke on my down comforter, and wearing myself out gardening, I wanted some good ole comfort food. Hubs had to work late and politely called to tell me I was on my own for dinner. (Granted, this was at 6pm, but hey, lucky for him I didn’t have much planned.) Anyway, that gave me the perfect excuse to eat this: 

Note to self: No more generic Mac'n'Cheese


Growing up, we rarely ate chili. And never did we have it with mac’n’cheese. I only tried this last year, and boy – it’s good! It’s a double bonus because Hubs loves spicy stuff and I just can’t eat anything spicier than Del Taco’s Mild sauce. The mac’n’cheese tones down the spice in the chili, so I don’t have to buy the bland version and count on hubby to spice it up himself. And what do you know? He had some mac’n’cheese when he got home (at 8pm). Poor guy. This worked to comfort me, but unfortunately, he still went to bed in a foul mood (his words, not mine). Here’s hoping Friday is better for him. Every day is like Friday to me now, at least until I find a job.


4 Responses to Comfort Me

  1. I can’t tell you how comforting that looks to me RIGHT now. I never thought of the combo – brilliant, as always, Bitten!

    • Do yourself a favor & use Kraft or Velveeta. I like to mix individual bites, instead of all together as I was originally introduced. Yes, I’m odd, but you probably already figured that out for yourself. 😉 Try it & let me know how you like it!

  2. Amy says:

    Where do you live that still has Del Taco’s!?! We haven’t had one around here since before I was in high school (ie. a looong ass time ago) and I miss them.
    There isn’t much that can’t be improved by a little pasta in powered cheese sauce. Love this kind of stuff!

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