Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Spiders – Oh My!

While I’ve completely abandoned my “Beat The Clutter” effort (at least temporarily), I am still working on being a bit more eco-friendly and simplifying things in my life. While visiting home, I remembered the wonderful lemon cucumbers I used to eat straight from the garden. I missed out on all the tomatoes because as a kid I hated them. I didn’t like squash or zucchini either, but was forced to eat it. 

I mentioned that I missed the lemon cucumbers to my mom, and that I couldn’t find them here. No seeds, starters –  even at the farmers market. So we stopped at a local nursery and picked up four babies (for $8). Assuming I don’t kill them, and our resident squirrels and crows don’t discover them, it will be a worthwhile investment. 

Since our yard is in a disastrous mess that requires the rental of a brush mower, I read up on container gardening. Turns out you can grow just about anything in a container! 

Off I went to Home Depot to gather up a container, trellis and a couple of tomato plants. While I was there I decided to grab some flat leaf parsley, basil, and mint. Not sure exactly what I will use the mint for. 

I found some tomato trellis/gate thingies that I had bought a few years back. At that point, I never even bought the tomato plants! Oops. So really, this will be my first effort in growing anything edible. I have come to the conclusion that I got bored of the flowers when they weren’t blooming, so as long as I have that bad habit, I’ll never excel there. But maybe, just maybe, growing stuff to eat will keep my interest. I’m guessing this based on two things: 1- I love to eat and 2- maybe watching stuff grow and the process of producing something will keep me coming back to it. 

Black Widow as found on Wikipedia


The only thing about gardening I really hate is…. SPIDERS. Ugh. I really, really don’t like them. Mostly because the majority of spiders in our yard are black widows. About a month ago, I decided I would clean up the back patio. (Note to self: next patio set will not have crevices that attract black widow nests.) I found the biggest freaking black widow I have ever seen. The “butt” was at LEAST the size of a nickel, if not a quarter. Of course I was home alone, so I have no actual witness. For a brief moment, I contemplated running for my camera, but I was too scared to take my eyes of the evil one. The crunch under my shoe was audible. Sorry momma, but anything that’s poisonous has GOT TO GO!  (In case you have been under a rock all your life, these buggers are highly venemous. Though in finding this photo, I learned that no one has died from a bite in over 10 years.) 

I guess I found a male today, as it was brown with red markings on the belly. EWWW! He’s no longer with us. I wish there were more natural predators for these guys. I guess some weird sort of wasp is the only one. We don’t have any wasps to speak of around here, so I guess it’s time for prevention. I managed to destroy several egg sacs – YAY! And after that, I promptly jumped in the shower. I knew none of them made their way on to me, but I still felt creepy crawly. In fact, even hours later, and after a good shower & hair washing, I STILL feel icky!!!


4 Responses to Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Spiders – Oh My!

  1. How scary! Maybe this is why I don’t do much gardening. The older I get…the more chicken. Another great post.

  2. Thank you! (Gloves are a must, both for spiders and neighborhood kitty gifts – blech!)

  3. Amy says:

    You like rum? Use the mint for mojitos!

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