Acne is a pain. Figuratively and literally. Especially when you’ve grown up with it. It’s even more annoying as an adult. Combine that with my unruly hair and no waist – I feel like a sloppy mess! So, after seeing the commercials for Proactiv for many years, I figure I may as well give it a try. After all, I thought Bare Minerals was a con too. (It’s not! I love that stuff!)

I bit the bullet and decided to order (5/3/10). We’ll see how long it takes to arrive (I’m sooo impatient) and how long it takes to make any improvements.

5/6: They still haven’t even activated my online account. I thought I’d go in and see if there was any progress information on my order, but I can’t even log in yet. While they did send an email immediately after my order (confirmation) I have yet to receive anything else. So far, I’m not very impressed. I guess it will be worth it if the product actually works well.

5/11: The box came while I was out-of-town (of course). I’ve decided to begin the regimen tomorrow. Trying to figure out somewhat complex instructions after driving 9 hours (4 of which were 20 mph winding roads on the edge of a cliff with the ocean as a landing spot) is just not smart.

5/12: “Before” photos taken.  Turns out the directions aren’t that complex – there’s just some choices when you include the “free” gifts. I’m a sucker for free gifts. (Precisely why I’m taking the “before” photos. They give you a travel pack for doing it.) So step one is a scrubby type cleanser. It has a slight fragrance, but it’s not offensive. Step two is a toner. This is unlike any toner I’ve used. Prior products have always felt very drying (alcohol perhaps?) and left my skin feeling tight. Not the case here. It didn’t really feel like anything. Step three is a repairing potion. I suspect it’s got some moisture in it as it’s a thicker consistency. Of the few “freebies” included in my package, I chose the oil control moisture. Seems to be a lightweight moisturizer, but it claims to control oil and shine. I don’t tend to have a problem with that, but I figured if this stuff dries out my skin at all, then it would try to produce oil to replace it.  My skin feels a little tight, but more clean than anything. There’s a very, very slight burning sensation around the corners of my nose. I guess that means I just need to go easier there!

I’m not expecting an overnight difference. And I am expecting it to take me a bit to get into the habit and work out which items are best for me. What I didn’t realize is the ongoing monthly cost. If I were to continue with everything they sent me, my costs would be in excess of $120 each month. Yikes. I don’t need (nor want) all the items on an ongoing basis, so that’s a really good thing.

To be continued….


2 Responses to Proactiv

  1. Goodluck! I’ve been on the TRY ANYTHING bandwagon for much of my life 🙂 I was shocked at how expensive Proactiv was.

    • Thanks! I realized that I made some miscalculations on the cost. I’m actually going to do another post since I have (surprise!) developed more thoughts on the subject. My skin looks better, but I’m still having some breakouts. Stay tuned!!

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