‘lil Revelations

‘Lil revelations learned (or re-learned) this week:

  • I drink a lot more water if I have a straw in my cup.
  • Extending the spin cycle on the washer makes a GINORMOUS difference in the drying time.
  • Sometimes alcohol IS the answer.
  • Anyone that swears they will call you regarding home improvement is flakey. Or at least perpetually late.
  • “Friends” that insist on being right 100% of the time are really annoying.
  • I really need to mark bills that are paid. If I don’t, I forget and have to call to get the balance due.
  • I hate phone trees. (See previous line.)
  • Even more, I hate voice recognition software on phone trees. (Screaming “help” or “operator” generates odd looks from neighbors.)
  • Pitney Bowes makes me crazy. Not only did I have terrible trouble with them at my last job, I have spent over 20 minutes on the phone to have them close an account (for hubby’s last business) with a $2.41 credit.
  • Don’t let the “shred” pile get too big. If it does, consider renting a wood chipper. (It probably sounded like Enron at my house yesterday – at least until I broke the shredder.) OKAY, back to Enron. Thanks Costco, for having a selection of cross-cut shredders. Confetti, anyone?
  • Cross-cut shredders are way messier than the old school kind.
  • My cat acts more like a person each day. Right now she’s watching the letters appear across the screen. As long as she doesn’t attack, we’re good.
  • We own a shitload of music. Most of it’s good – really good. And it takes forever to upload to iTunes.

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