Gratitude check

Over the last few days, I found myself dwelling on the negative. I’ve begun a number of posts only to realize they are actually rants in disguise. Conversation with friends and family has inevitably declined to bitching and moaning. So I realized it was time for a gratitude check. Basically, it boils down to an attitude adjustment.

I want to complain about bad drivers, but I’m fortunate enough to own my vehicle outright, have the ability to maintain it well and keep insurance on it.  I am also blessed with the ability to anticipate moronic moves. Somehow, I’ve been able to *just know* when someone was going to cross four lanes without looking or signaling. (Believe me, this sense comes in very handy when riding a motorcycle.) I need to retrain my brain from whining about how horrible these drivers are to think of the positives in the situation.

I started to write about the craziness of potentially banning toys in kids’ fast food meals. I droned on about how rough it was when I was a kid in the mid to late 70’s and how we had no remotes… blah, blah, blah. Really, I should be grateful that I grew up then and on top of that, with a family that had decent values.

One thing I’ve never done is played the “Oh poor me” card because my dad bailed when I was one. I guess I’m glad he did it then; before I knew him. Maybe one day I’ll post my thoughts on that whole situation. However, the cliché that says you never miss what you don’t have is total bullshit – at least in this regard. A kid would have to be blind not to see the relationships their friends have with their parents.

People do frustrate me. But I need to look at that and really see why I’m frustrated. An example would be people that comment on a hockey blog I read. I vehemently disagree with many of the comments, and find most annoying. Why? Mostly because these people hide behind the anonymity of the internet and attempt to come across as knowledgeable, but in fact are quite uneducated. I’ve decided to skip reading the comments and just read the content (which is great). I am thankful that I have the where-with-all to educate myself in order to recognize the idiocy spouted in the comments. I’m grateful that I have the choice to skip them, and the freedom to access better information.

I’ve also found myself becoming discouraged with my appearance. I want to get my hair cut, but need to let it grow out some more first. I want to get skinny but can’t seem to resist goodies (hello cake!). I like the idea of exercising but lack motivation. I really need to be grateful that I have hair and the means with which to eat out too often or cook super yummy food. I’m very fortunate to belong to a great gym, and need to make use of it.

So I guess this is part rant, part recognition of blessings. How do you reel yourself back to being more grateful and less negative?


2 Responses to Gratitude check

  1. sarahikeda says:

    A key ability to reeling in negativity is being aware of this feeling. I think you managed to do this to a detailed, analytical degree in your blog entry. Good job! Not many can do this. I often rely on this tactic. I’ll also make lists of things I am grateful for. Lastly, relying on activities I enjoy helps to increase my happiness and thus, positivity. I greatly enjoyed your entry 🙂

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