BTC: Days 4-7

Whoa. Outta control here. Hubby’s truck needed to visit the doctor on Thursday. Neither one of us felt all that great (thanks weather!) so we both stayed home and power-lounged on the couch. Then, Friday, I had to drop him at work (and pick him up). Same for today, but I’m bound to start fresh this week (even if it is close to noon).

So, last week, I made progress. Cooking, cleaning, etc. I spent another hour or so in the kitchen and it looks so much better! Still needs tons of work though. But at least the junk is off the counters and the stove is cleaner. The laundry is clean, folded and put away – and even nothing in the washer/dryer (Flylady would be so proud). Got the cat box cleaned.

So this week, in addition to the regular daily/weekly stuff, I need to work on the front yard/porch, MUST SCAN RECEIPTS (due by 4/30), and throw a bunch of junk out!!

As an aside, I can see that the minimal progress I’ve made has subliminally inspired hubby to de-junk too!


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