Sidetracked Friday: GOATS!

A friend called and invited me to breakfast. Of course I said yes, because that’s so much more fun than doing housework. I told her about wanting to go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) office to find out about Team In Training (TNT) and she wanted to join me.  Instead of obeying my all-knowing GPS on my phone, I decided I knew where I was going. Turns out (of course) that I didn’t. We ended up at Team Surgery something. CRAP. Back to the GPS and off we went. Turns out is right by the zoo. She had no idea we had a zoo! It’s a fun little zoo. So we went (after TNT of course). She LOOOOVES monkeys, so she was in heaven. I got the biggest kick out of the lemurs! I’ve seen them on Kirstie Alley’s show and they looked so cool. These were pretty awesome as well.

The goats were hysterical. The farm worker, Gaby, was really funny. She has worked with them and trained them to shake, hi-five, kiss and wave. Apparently, goats are like us – they love foot rubs! This is the “pretty but not smart” goat – I think his name was “Fridge.” Now, I was under the impression goats aren’t very smart (one next door growing up ate an inner tube and I think it may have done him in). But here’s evidence that they can learn to shake:

Out of all the goats, the littlest one had the biggest attitude. He kept head-butting his bigger yard-mates. Finally, momma goat (we’re guessing) had to come in and break it up. Don’t ask me who the lady is narrating this for us.


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