Round One: Game Four

Pre-Game: I am pissed. Beyond pissed. Randy Jones, whom I’d love to like, is back in the line-up for tonight. In game one, he made an error directly leading to a goal by the Canucks. He made many other mis-steps as well. As a result, Murph sat him down for two games. Word is he’s back in the lineup tonight. Okay, maybe he’s a veteran player, and has “big game experience” but he’s played like shit for us pretty much the whole time he’s been here. Yeah, he’s posted a few points, but really, I don’t think he’s worth chancing it. Harrold played OK. Drewiskie would be bound to play OK even though he’s young too. Seems that Justin Williams, our high profile & top line veteran will remain out. I’d put him back in before Jones for sure. I’m wondering whatever happened to “don’t upset the apple cart”. We won handily on Monday. Why not keep the lines the same?

In the end, it’s not for me to decide. I will just enjoy the game and have faith in our team and their staff. Afterall, they got us this far, didn’t they?


In the haze following “the morning after”…
What a disappointing loss. Don’t get me wrong; all losses are disappointing. Especially playoff losses. This however is not a heartbreaking loss. The team played well – yes, even you, Randy Jones. Thank you for not sucking! Let’s keep working on that, shall we? There’s really no one player to point a finger at, though if you listen to many of the fans, they’d still like to blame Mr. Jones. Or Jon Quick. WTF? Quick? He was really good. Maybe he didn’t stand on his head, but still, really good. Seems that the few minutes we played without that zap of energy really burned us. So tomorrow qualifies as a “must-win” game. And yes, it’s in Vancouver. C’mon boys – you WANT this, so GO GET IT!


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