BTC: Day Three

Okay, for anyone wondering, this (Bust The Clutter series) will not be a daily occurence for the long term. In order to make myself accountable, and attempt at some sort of routine, I feel I need to log my progress (or lack thereof). 

Hmph. Looking at what I accomplished and what needs to be done, I don’t know what I did yesterday! I even stayed away from Bejeweled on FaceBook until about 5pm. And I only watched 2 hours of Tivo’d TV, and that was when I was eating lunch. Today is going to be a short house day, because we’ve got another game. Not sure what brainiac decided to start them 1/2 hour earlier than normal, but I’d like to pull out his toenails. Getting hubby out of bed and off to work in time to leave early can be quite a feat. Plus, traffic is ten times worse. I swear that they named the 405 Freeway because you only go 4 o’ 5 miles an hour. Even in the carpool lane.

So. Today I resolve to throw stuff out. It’s garbage day, so I probably should have managed this yesterday so I’d have nice big empty containers for the week. Oh well. They are big.

Yesterday’s Progress: 

  • Morning Routine
  • Healthy lunch
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu made for dinner
  • Baked a cake after dinner. (Dang chocolate cravings!) Unfortunately, it didn’t even taste that good.
  • Pried hair from vacuum beater bar (chalk up one more point for going back to short hair!)
  • Laundry clean…. but that’s it
  • Kitchen – spent about 45 minutes working in there
  • Today I don’t have to worry about dinner, because we’re going to a game. 🙂

Remaining goals for today this week: 

  • Other half of weekly home blessing
  • Clean litter boxes
  • Declutter dresser
  • Spend 60 minutes in the office NOT on the computer – get rid of junk!
  • Spend 60 minutes in kitchen/dining area – FLINGING
  • PUT LAUNDRY AWAY (I really hate folding clothes)
  • Sweep front porch
  • Clean (wash) dryer lint screen
  • Bathroom counters
  • Scan & email Flexible Spending Benefits forms with receipts
  • Begin planning bathroom remodel (Dream Book) – maybe I should do a virtual dream book?

One Response to BTC: Day Three

  1. I should clarify that the hair I pried out of the beater bar was not infact still attached to my head. Nor was it ripped from my head by the vacuum. 😉

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