Round One: Games 1-3

I've always wanted a Kings Rally Towel

So we’ve made it to Game 3 in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So far, both games have been in Vancouver and we are coming home with the series tied. Game 1 was during the week, so we did not participate in a watch party. Just watched the game at home. Unfortunately, Randy Jones AND Justin Williams (two supposed playoff veterans) coughed up the puck more than once. This led to their benching for the second and third games.

We joined fellow Kings fans Saturday at the ESPN Zone at LA Live to watch the second game. It’s such fun to be together with friends and fans to celebrate a PLAYOFF WIN! Both games so far have gone to OT. And of course, the Canucks’ coach is trying to stir up controversy about the power play that resulted in our win in game 2. Regardless of the type of penalty (either too many man on the ice – ummm yes, seven is two too many, or interference – ummm, yeah, someone playing the puck from the “bench” is not ok either) it was still a deserved penalty. Since Playoff hockey OT is 5 on 5, it was like a normal power play. Well, normal for the playoffs which is kind of like fast forward. It was a greasy goal, but a goal is a goal!!

I have to say, I feel for the Sharks fans out there. Except my step-brother. But all the others – I feel your pain! Their third game ended with their own defenseman, Dan Boyle, winging the puck into their own net. Their coach was quoted in the post-game as saying “We needed to find a way to beat their goaltender. Instead we found a way to beat ours.” He should have said a NEW way. Rob Blake gave Colorado the winning goal off his skate with just a few seconds left in the game. Anyway, we’ve had our fair share of those kinds of goals, and I feel your pain.

Words just can't describe the joy in the building!

So Game Three was at home. The media reports that we (the crowd) were way more intense that the crowd at Laker playoff games! Since there’s a bunch more of them, and basketball is a major draw for LA, I am impressed! Apparently, they sold 100 “standing room” tickets because our sellout number was 18,218! Those extra bodies and all the excitement made it so warm! I normally wear jeans, heavy boots, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt & jersey. Sometimes, I have to add gloves. Today I was in sneakers and after about 10 minutes, I had to take my sweatshirt off. (Our section seems to be under a vent, and there’s more space around the people, so it’s actually colder than most seats.)

I’m sure there are a ton of blogs and news reports about the specifics of the game, but I will say that I was a bit disappointed to see the Canucks score first. I was proud of our boys for staying full of energy and not letting the (temporary) injuries get to them. Clune went off with a shoulder/elbow injury (and came back), Smyth was knocked silly – so much that the refs had to help him from the goal line to the bench (and came back) and Doughty was hit hard – maybe a Charlie horse in the thigh and went to the dressing room (but came back).

As a side note, it sounds like Dallas isn’t resigning Marty Turco – our favorite goaltender to taunt. I’m thinking Luongo will be a good replacement in case Turco doesn’t land on the West Coast. Luongo has a 6.86 GAA for the last 105 minutes played in our house. Wonder if he’ll start on Wednesday? 

Can’t wait to get back in to Staples Center and wave my rally towel for my team. GO KINGS – YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


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