It’s official – I’m in love!

My new vacuum DEFINITELY falls into the “things I love” category!

After my well-meaning sister-in-law set my cannister vac on it’s exhaust end while vacuuming, it’s never been the same. In fact, it kinda smells like it’s gonna catch fire any second when it runs. The cord also needs to be fixed – it looks like it’s been run over and it’s down to bare wire in a spot. Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact it shocks me every time I use it? So, I needed a new vacuum.

My neighbor just bought a Dyson from Costco. She decided on that after borrowing a friends. I borrowed hers after I had just vacuumed and could NOT believe how much yuck came up! Granted, I knew my machine was ailing, but I was sold. I’ve never liked uprights, but that’s because they were cheap. My cannister was a pain in the butt. The only thing I miss is the switch on the handle to go from carpet to bare floors. The Dyson has one, but it’s all the way on the bottom in the front.

It’s a little loud, but it cleans better than any other machine I’ve ever used…. with the possible exception of the central vacuums my mother-in-law has in Vegas and had in Reno. (Since she suffers from asthma, she really has to have a central vac. The main unit is in the garage so NONE of the dust is in the house.) I like seeing the yuck that comes up off the floors too. I know it’s gross, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment. That and it reminds me I need to brush the cat!

Yep… I’m in love!


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