Bust the Clutter: Day One

Clutter has officially taken over. It’s time for me to fight back! [And in true procrastinator’s form, I didn’t finish this yesterday!]

My plan is to log my activities. Maybe then I’ll realize before the END of the day just how long I spend procrastinating with my morning coffee, which turns into breakfast in front of the computer, and so on. And I’m going to start following Flylady’s plan again (modified to start with). I seem to never keep up with it long enough to actually establish things into an actual routine.

Since I’m the queen of procrastination, I am going to admit it. I need to get up & get moving. No running around in a towel after my shower for an hour just because me and the cat are the only ones here. And I have to say “no” to my friends invitations to play! That has to be the hardest.

The basic morning routine (roughly) per Flylady is:

  1. Get out of bed and hit the ground FLYing, get coffee and then get moving! (Yes, I must have coffee before all else.)
  2. Make the bed.
  3. Get dressed to shoes: Shower, fix hair and moisture or make-up
  4. While in bathroom; Swish the toilet and wipe down the counters and put things away. Swish and Swipe is what I call it.
  5. Empty the dishwasher
  6. Check Calendar for appointments
  7. Eat a healthy breakfast
  8. Drink water, take vitamins
  9. Defrost dinner ingredients if necessary
  10. Check the laundry. (Yep, I’ve got stuff in the dryer!)

Since I’ve not been doing routines, I need to empty the sink & then shine it.¬† (25 minutes and it’s not perfect, but it looks good.) Also, since it’s Monday, I need to do the weekly home blessing: vacuum/swiffer, shine mirrors/windows, change bed sheets (SORRY MOXIE!), empty trash, dust, and purge magazines. The “zone” for the week is the master bedroom. Good, because it needs it!

Last night, I did a major “fling” with emails. I dumped probably 1500 emails on my phone that transferred over from my alternate email. I still have about 500 to go, but they are mostly stuff I’d like to read. I like having them on my phone for when I’m stuck somewhere waiting – I can feel informed and productive! Also this weekend, I purged a stack of magazines (nearly a foot tall). I’ve got lots to go yet. But the good news is that I can skip that part of the blessing today!

Other things I want to accomplish today this week besides the home blessing and regular stuff:

  • Sweep front porch
  • Clean lint screen on dryer
  • Fold & put away laundry from last week. Yep, living out of the laundry basket.
  • More magazines
  • Hit the dresser & night stands in the master bedroom.
  • Clear the counters in the bathrooms.
  • Change the kitty litter

Oh – and I’ve been procrastinating going to the Post Office too. Have to ship something to Vacouver, which requires a special trip – customs forms & all that madness.


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