Simplification: Check In

Well, it’s s been a couple weeks since my first post about simplifying my life and the goals I wrote. I figured now’s a good time to check in and see how I’m doing.

  • Haven’t touched my sewing machine. In fact, it’s still in the middle of my kitchen table. FAIL!
  • I have been cooking more!
    • I actually made FISH for dinner one night…. and it was GREAT!!! (I don’t normally like fish, and I’m scared to cook it since it’s so delicate.)
    • I also made a ham & pasta casserole and it sucked. BIG TIME. Oh well. That one’s crossed of the list forever, even though I followed the directions. I am okay with knowing we’re not going to like everything I make.
    • I am incorporating more veggies into our lives. Often, they are of the frozen “Steamfresh” variety, but that’s ok!
    • I have a loose menu plan for the week. I’ve subscribed to and have the meals picked out, and even have all the ingredients on hand. (If you also struggle with this, check it out. It’s inexpensive and easy!)
  • Less daytime TV – Check! More movement: FAIL.
  • Little chores: FAIL.
  • Remembering my reuseable grocery bags: FAIL.
  • Clearing clutter: a little progress. I sold a couple things on Ebay and I have a gone through a stack of old magazines, ripping out things I want to keep.
  • Gardening: not yet.
  • Purchasing less: good progress. We bought a few fun things at the Kings’ fan appreciation sale, but we’re talking team pride here. Otherwise, it’s just been food and gas, but nothing material.

What are you doing/have you done to simplify your life? Are you struggling with any of the things I am? How are you decluttering your life?


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