What does anticipation mean to you?  Does it bring back memories of being a small child and excitedly waiting for Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? How about your first trip to Disneyland? Maybe anticipation is negative for you – that feeling of dread when you haven’t prepared properly for an exam? Or knowing you have to face your best friend in Kindergarten after fighting over the last bite of paste the day before?

I have been anticipating this day for eight years. Well, probably more like four years. It’s been eight years since the Kings’ last playoff appearance, but back then I was a casual fan of hockey. It was exciting to see them in the playoffs, but I wasn’t emotionally invested… Unlike NOW!!

Opponent Vancouver Canucks: Roberto Luongo in the net. He’s really one of THE best goaltenders, possibly ever. He won the gold medal for the Canadian Olympic Team this year. Our last meeting resulted in a WHUPPING (8-3). I have no idea what their problem was, but I sincerely hope it continues. The Canucks also employ the evil Sedin twins, who are point generating machines, perhaps robots even. However, we have a great goalie in Jonathan Quick and quite balanced scoring throughout our team. I think that’s harder to defend, because so many of our boys are talented at finding the back of the net. Plus, I think our team is hungrier.

Yesterday marked the first day of playoffs, and the trend was first game wins by the lower seeded teams. Upsets! How exciting is that?!? There has been so much press pointing to the inexperience of the Kings in playoff/high-pressure games. However, we have a handful of guys with rings, and several more vets that have been to the playoffs – deep even. I find it exciting to be the underdog. (In this scenario, I don’t know any different! lol)

So my feelings are of excitement, anxiety, nervousness and most of all HOPE. Simply put, I have faith that our boys will give it their all. And when they’re all focused and clicking as a team… they are unbelievable to watch. I will be happy with them as long as they play the game we all know they can play.

This is a feeling that even my idiot step-brother can’t spoil by acting like an asshole.


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