What to do?

Depending who you ask, curly hair is either a blessing or a curse. Until I was in my 20’s, I was vehement that it was a curse. Of course, growing up with grandparents, I was uninitiated to “true” hair product. The extent of my product usage was L’Oreal’s mousse (springing curls?) and gel. Gel usage stopped after my hair caught fire at a party and I didn’t even know it, but that’s a whole other story. 

Oddly enough, looking back on childhood photos, I think my hair became curlier over time. I seriously can’t imagine my grandmother taking the time to blow it straight – she is a bit impatient but mostly because of the amount of hair. You see, not only do I have insanely curly, out of control hair, but I have a ton of it.

Eventually I decided I would “embrace” the curl. When hubby was out of town on a week long business trip, I went with some friends to the salon. I made the decision to just let the guy do whatever he wanted. I trusted him because his hair was almost exactly like mine – coarseness and all. He asked if I was sure about 10 times and the chopped off my ponytail. AAAAAAAAAACK. I think I lost 10 pounds! After a couple days and some coaching on the proper care, I found myself liking my new ‘do. It took hubby longer than that upon his return; poor guy.

Sympathetic to my woes, my mother in law treated me to a straightening treatment soon after I was married. Unfortunately, it didn’t take and simply fried my hair. So… my answer was to keep it long and always pulled back. Occasionally I would “let it out” and slather on whatever anti-frizz, crazy-hair taming stuff I could find. I still felt like the girl in the Frizz-Ease ads or maybe someone who stuck their tongue in the light socket.  

Then, several years ago, I started hearing about this Japanese method of straightening. It was guaranteed to work on just about any curl type and it stayed straight! It’s called “Yuko” and it’s a Japanese thermal reconditioning. Basically, it is some sort of permanent cover on the hair shaft that keeps it from curling. This is why the hair stays soft and shiny. After receiving a bonus at work, I decided I’d treat myself. After spending ALL DAY (I told you I have a ton of hair) at the salon, I left with the most amazing soft, straight hair. (Cue the angels to sing!) And it lasted. I could jump in the ocean and let it air dry if I wanted! HEAVEN!!

After a few months, it needs touching up. After all, it grows back curly, just like colored hair grows back its natural color. (If only there was a way to fix THAT problem!) The thing about this is it’s not cheap. So I stretched out the touch ups as long as possible. Also, if I wanted any sort of curl, it would only hold for about 45 minutes no matter what product I used. I now understand the lament of the straight haired girls in the world. Straight hair can become a bit boring – especially when you can’t double process it. That means no color and especially no highlights.

The last time I had a Yuko treatment was October of 2008. I have half straight and half curly hair. It’s pretty much hideous. I’m nearly to the point of re-growth to where I could have it all chopped off and go totally curly. (And be able to cover the gray that’s creeping in.) Or, I could try to convince my hubby to use a bit of our tax refund $ on another treatment. I’m in a quandary. What’s your opinion? Which do you think looks better? Any advice?


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