More little things…

In my continuing effort to find blessings, here are more little things (guess I just couldn’t stop myself!). To be fair, I guess not all of them really are blessings, but they are things I’m grateful for all the same.

  1. Kitty kisses
  2. Suggling on the couch
  3. Coffee
  4. Kleenex with lotion
  5. Tried & true home remedies
  6. Oxyclean
  7. Swiffers
  8. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
  9. Stamp vending machines
  10. Debit cards
  11. Waking up with a smile
  12. 2nd day jeans
  13. 2nd day hair
  14. Hardy flowers
  15. The FedEx guy talking hockey
  16. Freshly mowed grass
  17. Cars with a 2-driver memory
  18. Clearance sales
  19. Warm sunshine
  20. Longer days
  21. Reading with no TV noise
  22. A wicked sense of humor
  23. Finding the perfect hair product
  24. Scent memory
  25. Fresh veggies
  26. Crockpots
  27. Great hockey neighbors (Sec 323!)
  28. Simplicity
  29. Crafts
  30. Stained glass

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