It’s all in how you look at it…

I have to keep reminding myself that blessings come in all forms, and are sometimes hidden – it’s all in the way you look at things. For example, yesterday hubby and I went all the way to “the valley” for a Kings watch party (for the initiated, basically a bunch of fans and some of the Kings Crew get together and watch the game – they are a blast!). This in itself is a blessing – we were able to spend a little time with some super Kings friends and were heading towards that playoff feeling of electricity after a win in overtime by our captain.

On the way home, we got caught in some traffic. We found the cause was an unfortunate incident where a couple riding along on their Harley had gone down. While I wish they could have escaped this accident, I was thankful that as riders and good Samaritans, we stopped to see if we could help. There were plenty of people around and emergency services was on the way. The man was a few feet away picking up the bike and the woman passenger was on the ground. My hubby did check to be sure everyone understood not to remove her helmet until EMS got there. She had some abrasions on her face, and appeared to have skidded on her knee as it was worn through her rain gear and what appeared to be leathers underneath. (LEATHER is the best people! Also, if you ride, invest in a new, good quality helmet and have it properly fitted.) She was conscious and relatively coherent. Fortunately, one of the bystanders was also a rider, and understood the ramifications of removing a helmet incorrectly. Assessing that she would be ok, and the group had things under control, we decide to continue on our way.

I can’t help but wonder about the couple. Were they out for a day ride? Or was this a longer trip? How far from home were they? How is she doing now? How is he? The bike had sustained damage on the right side, leading me to believe something caused the rider to apply the front brake with too much pressure. We had both seen them pass us by a few miles back. That had been us a few years ago, covering a few thousand miles. Fortunately, we escaped with only one little tip-over and no damage or injury.  This incident did put a bit of a damper on our hockey high and slowed down our trip to the other end of the next county. However, having (and using) knowledge is a blessing, especially when it could help prevent injury to someone.

As we ran into further traffic, it gave us the opportunity for more conversation, for which I am also grateful. So often, hubby is tired and burnt out when he gets home from work. We lapse into the comfortable habit of dinner & TV. Real conversation is limited to commercial breaks, assuming we’re not watching something on DVR. Just being able to chat about different things – from my guess about what happened with the accident to little things we observed at the watch party to all things hockey – was truly divine.


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