Hippies & Hockey

Last time I checked, hockey wasn’t high on the “to-do” lists of hippies. Doesn’t quite fall into the peace, love & granola modus operandi. Dont’ get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with hippies & their free love ideals. I love Volkswagens, Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin too. I just skip the stinky stuff & the drugs.

To me the mark of a hippie is patchouli oil. You may not know it by name, but 90% of the population has encountered it if you have ever been to San Francisco.  Or a head shop. In reading just a little about this stuff, I learned the oil comes from a plant from the mint family grown in the East & West Indies, it is heavily used in many incense scents, and was used several hundred years as a moth repellent. (Gee, really? Probably a people repellant too.) The “aromatic” (I would have used the word odorous, but that’s just me) description includes adjectives like rich, earthy, woody. Is that a nice way to say “migraine-inducing-crap?”

What it all boils down to is that patchouli oil is an extremely strong “fragrance”, seemingly suitable for men or women. I maintain that folks in the 60’s used it to cover the stench of body oder. Perhaps that is a theory that could be applied today.

Why the rant about patchouli? Well, the guy in seat number 2 (we have seats 3 & 4) seems to bathe in the stuff. More often than not, I have a migraine within 5 minutes of him settling in. Doesn’t matter if I’m in seat 3 or 4. Nothing can hide it. Fortunately, Mr. Hippie doesn’t come to every game, though he’s consistently at weekend games. I know there’s 16 games at best (for the Kings, worst for my senses) that I will have to endure the stench. But in the meantime, I’d really like to spray him down with Fabreze, then roll him thoroughly in Arm & Hammer.  If that doesn’t work, then I guess he really should upgrade his seats to the next level.


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