…Living in Paradise

I am so thankful to be living in such a wonderful location. Southern California – Orange County in particular – is so beautiful and I sometimes take living here for granted. There’s a plethora of activities to keep boredom at bay – the beach AND mountains (even skiing) are close. With the exception of the NFL (and there’s a team in San Diego), there’s more sports than any one person should be able to handle. The weather is usually great – with the exception of the occasional tornado, flood or earthquake. Traffic can be a pain, but at least there’s usually something cool to look at while you’re stuck. Either that or you’re headed someplace cool. I still marvel at the differences between SoCal and Northern California where I grew up. The beaches have to be the biggest difference. Most beaches north of Santa Barbara are rocky and can be tough to get down to. There’s some surfing to watch, but it’s not the accepted pastime like it is here. And the water is FREEZING pretty much all year.

Today my neighbor and I took her dogs to the Dog Beach in Huntington (a.k.a. Surf City). It’s sheer joy to watch these galoots play in the water and run free on the sand. They live to chase their “wubba” dog toys out into the surf. We throw them as far as we can into the ocean – which really isn’t far. The boys really don’t mind though. They bound into the waves full steam ahead. They don’t care what they chase into the water – it can be a ball or other toy thrown for another dog. Luckily, they share well. I love watching dogs swim – they are so cute! The dogs get great excercise, and so do we! It’s good for us to get out in the fresh air and absorb some vitamin D too.

Today was really special. We saw a pod of dolphins playing in the surf! They were extremely close to the beach – actually closer than the surfers further up the shore. They were jumping nearly completely out of the water. Dolphins are such incredible animals, and I really enjoy watching them frolic. They spent a short amount of time near us and then went on their way travelling south. It’s heavy traffic season for whales still, so perhaps they were all travelling together.
Each time I go to the beach, I wonder why I don’t go more often. I guess I need a reason, and those dogs are as good as any!

3 Responses to …Living in Paradise

  1. To live anyhere south of LA is a great thing… coming from somone who spent half his life in LA.

    For we San Diegan’s, the OC is just a warning of thigs to come as you drive north on the 5…without the smog

    • From what I have experienced, San Diego is just not for me. I love it here in Orange County. Close enough to still go see the LA Kings, and far enough to escape the total urban feel. I have my “bubble” – it’s a 5 mile radius and I can do just about anything I need to, and not break the bubble. 🙂

  2. I’m thinkin La Paz road and environs get much farther north (passed El Toro) and it becomes south LA County

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