…Hockey Friends

Instead of focusing on the negative, I am making a concerted effort to find silver linings and things I am grateful for. I’m going to do a bit of an experiment… write small posts about various things I’m grateful for. Today, I’m selecting Hockey Friends.

Hockey fans as a whole are pretty cool people. I’m not saying that just because I am one. I have found hockey fans,  Kings fans in particular, to be warm, open, generous and passionate people. Don’t forget loyal. As I have become a greater Kings fan, and thanks in great part to the internet, I have come to know many wonderful people!

Though a special FaceBook group, I met a fellow fan who has been a blast to hang with – at prospect camp, Frozen Fury ’09 and during warm-ups! Every time I run into her at a game or event, she’s always doing something thoughtful for a fellow fan (be it photos of opposing team players, sending fun gifts to far away fan friends, etc.). How generous! I admire her zeal for the things she loves and ability to juggle her busy life!

Another special person I am looking forward to spending more time with is just an all around amazing person. She volunteers as a hockey coach for a special needs group and coordinated an amazing event this year. I only regret that we didn’t participate. She is also a big-time animal lover and rescuer. And after just having met my husband and me, she has been very generous to us. She has such a good heart!

Without the internet and our Kings, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting these two, and others, and be privileged to count them as friends and part of my hockey family.


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