My Favorite Things

Not that I’m trying to be Oprah (trust me – NO way do I want that!), I want to share some of my most favorite things.

My Keurig coffee machine:

coffee machine

Caffeinated Heaven

This was a Christmas gift from my hubby in 2007. I didn’t ask for it, and didn’t have any clue I needed it. Yes – NEED. I’ve never been a fan of the big coffee chains. Sure they’re great for a “dessert” style coffee on occasion, but I don’t like to have to GO anywhere to get my coffee. The whole point is to leisurely wake up in my pj’s and bed head. I love that I am not wasting a pot (or half) each day. I love that I can have a single cup of one type and my second cup can be a different blend. It’s easy to clean. It has a timer (all that does is keep the water warm so you have instant coffee). I love that it does hot chocolate and tea. The only thing that would make it perfect is Peet’s brand k-cups.

Poor hubby – the only drawback is that the compressor is a bit loud. So when I’m up early, he gets to incorporate the buzz of the compressor into his dreams.


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