Risking It!


The time has come. (Sounds ominous, huh?)

Since one of the reasons I am writing is community, I suppose that means I need to put myself out there. Why the wait? Guess I wanted to get on a roll (LOL) – my fingers limbered up and juices flowing. More to the point, it’s scary!!

I’ve (almost) always been one to smooth out situations and generally avoid confrontation. So to just dump my thoughts out there for anyone to see… now THAT’S risk – to me anyway. To publicize this thing, even in the smallest way, is uncomfortable from many angles. Will anyone read it? Will they read more than one post? Will they hate it? Will they laugh? But just maybe, someone will be entertained. Maybe, someone will become inspired to do something… anything. Perhaps in some bizarre way, I can make a tiny difference. In the big picture, none of that really matters because I’m doing this for me.

As one very wise boss told me years ago, “You’re not growing unless you’re uncomfortable.” So here’s to growth.


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