What’s up with that?

(This is likely to become a recurring category. These posts will include life’s little things – confusing, annoying, or just nonsensical.)

“As of late”: why do so many try to fancy up the word “lately” with this phrase? Are we back in college trying to hit a specific word count? If you’re gonna use it, please do so sparsely. Otherwise, it sounds like you are trying to be smarter than you are – even if you ARE a genius!

Really, where do those solo socks go? I have enlisted the help of a basket to corral socks separated during laundry proceedings, only to amaze myself with how full it is… constantly.

People who steal suck. (See earlier “Wanted: Sign Thief” blog.)

How come I can’t get the cool needle threader feature on my sewing machine to work? My eyes won’t be this good forever.

How do ants get IN the pipes? That just freaks me out.

Are fears hereditary? If so, I completely blame my mother for my irrational fear of needles. Thanks, mom. (Actually, it’s probably a good thing considering how much I like tattoos on other people.)

Why are boys so itchy? Wait, maybe I don’t want an answer to that.


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