Not much to clap about

I had a bit of a negative foreshadowing about our evening immediately upon arrival at our regular parking lot – Family Ford (or whatever it’s called now). The happy looking attendant directed me to back into a tiny spot (I drive an SUV) that would have required someone else’s backing expertise. I nicely asked if I could park in a different spot and I thought he said yes. As I pulled in, he then told me only “back up.” I asked if he was actually making me back in to the itty bitty spot, and again the answer was merely “back up.”  So I jumped out and made my husband do it. Turns out Mr. Happy, whose job it was to give directions to people didn’t speak English!!!! Ughhhh all Mr. Happy really wanted was for us to back up and straighten out in the space we were in. It never ceases to amaze me when people are unable to communicate and yet they are placed in a position to communicate instructions to the general public. Who is the brainiac in charge here? 

Now into Staples Center and off to find some nachos that my husband RAVED about last time. On our way to our seats radio color commentator/analyst Daryl Evans came bustling along in the hallway. We said hello and rushed along with him so hubby could discuss a recent question to kings talk. He needed some clarification about how the emergency recall rule worked, and Darryl was happy to explain. He’s such a cool dude.

On to our seats, nachos & giant soda in hand. Ahhhh, all is right in Kings-land. Bob Miller really is back – I can see him with my own eyes. Yahoo! Alright boys, let’s drop the puck & get this thing started. First period offered hope. It ended 0-0 and was 20 minutes of hard work from both sides. I’ll save you the gory details from the 2nd and 3rd periods, but let’s suffice it to say even one of our media guys couldn’t come up with any decent questions for the coaching staff. It was THAT BAD.  Ultimately, the kings lost… on clapper night no less. The least they could do was give us something to clap for. Maybe we should ban clapper night going forward?


As it turned out, the highlight of the night was the “welcome back” for Bob Miller. Well, that and a couple great saves by Mr. Quick. Ivanans, our resident “boxer” even got out there and dropped the gloves in the third. Even that sucked, and normally I love fights. They boys played like crap and it was painful to watch. Once again we saw inconsistent officiating to our disadvantage, though not as bad as Sunday. Also, it seemed to me that Chicago wasn’t playing as well as we have seen (plus, they lost to Anaheim the previous night), so it really made us look lackluster.

An odd aside: I saw a ton of confused hockey fans in Ducks, Sharks, Devils and Coyotes jerseys. I mean really people. I can’t say I have never been to the pond in Kings gear when they weren’t playing, but it was subtle. And the only one to notice was the metal detector wand guy (insert your own bud light commercial here). I just don’t get why you’d go to see a game in full regalia of a team not even playing. Whatever.  

Anyway, I am hoping that Murph sets them back on course today at practice. Thankfully our penalty kill is doing well, and it seems we finally have our crap together on the power play too. Unfortunately, the kings didn’t get the chance on the PP against the ‘hawks. To wrap up, it was a gut wrenching, heart breaking couple of hours.


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