Tonight’s gonna be a good night…

Los Angeles Kings vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Any night we are fortunate enough to see our Kings play live is a GREAT night. This year has been one full of excitement as our young core is maturing – much like the young Blackhawks team. It was super-cool to see so many of our Kings and the Blackhawks in the Olympics. Man, that was great hockey.

Another great thing – Bob Miller is back in action. It’s just not the same – even knowing he’s not there. For anyone who doesn’t know, Bob is the voice of the Kings. He has been announcing over 35 years. Talk about job stability! Good thing too, because he’s a big part of why I enjoy hockey as much as I do. Between Miller & Foxy (Jim Fox – color/analyst), I have learned quite a bit about the game and it’s seemingly ever-changing rules.

Current chatter includes hits to the head and what the NHL is doing to possibly amend the rules and “expedite” any rule changes. Seems the NHL, AMA and government are all using the same “How To Expedite for Dummies” handbook. Interesting though, that a new rule was formed just about immediately after the Sean Avery/Martin Broduer situation. Maybe we need to get Marty involved in future rule changes?

The Kings are currently sitting in 6th place with 85 points. This means a W is critical. Phoenix (91 points) is playing tonight, and it appears Colorado (5th place, 86 points) is idle. So the Kings could move into 5th. What we really need is 4th at the end of the season – that means home ice advantage. I have to pinch myself when I say or hear that. We are actually going to be IN the playoffs (barring any major upsets) and are currently in the running for home ice advantage! This time last year, we had to win just about all of our games left in the season to MAKE the playoffs. And the conference wasn’t even quite as competitive last year!

So here’s hoping the Black Eyed Peas speak the truth, and that tonight will really be a good night!

Off to get ready for the game.

P.S. – Potential for Quick to break a Kings Goalie record too! Yippee!!


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