Instruments of Death

Introducing…. the Cardio Wave.  This thing should seriously come with a warning label.

It works you… it works you good. After about 10 seconds, I realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew. Before I got sick and then totally flaked out on going to the gym, I was doing an hour of cardio a day. Usually, I split the time between the treadmill, stair climber & elliptical. So after basically a month off, I had lost virtually all my endurance.

I lasted seven minutes. SEVEN.  Of course, this was after a major weight workout (arms) two days in a row (back the day before). So yeah, basically I had lost all brain cells somewhere near the dumbbells as proven by thinking this attempt would be a good idea.

All told, the machine really was pretty cool. Very little impact (no, I didn’t manage to fall off) and a major workout you could change-up in three different ways. I even had my arms going for a while (ala Ohno, only at a snail’s pace).  So maybe Friday I can do ten minutes?


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